Friday, June 24, 2011

Words of Wisdom...sort of:)

Totally borrowing this post idea from one of my fave mama and lifestyle bloggers, SBS.  Click on that link and take a look see.  Reading her posts is like laying up on your mama's feels like home:)

Speaking of home.  This little man has returned from a trip.  A big ole' trip to the Big Apple!  Muver escaped to NYC and took Rutledge:) 

This is a pic of Rutledge giving us his best T-Rex face.....
Can you tell they spent lots of time at the Museum of Natural History?
He was really workin' on squinting that eye....
Nice T-Rex face Bubba:)

So, words of wisdom.  We hear them all the time...maybe not quite as much as when we are in our formative years.  I think I'm still in my formative years.  I have LOTS to learn.  So, here are my words of wisdom...not listed in order of importance;) ha!

1.  If you are ever thirsty, just swallow.  Well, Mama always said, "swalla".  Julia, I know you are dying...right now:)

2.  Make your grocery list according to the layout of the grocery saves time and keeps you from making unnecessary purchases.  That's from Mama too.

3.  Don't skimp on your shoes....your feet will thank you when you are 50.  Mama, again.

4.  Measure twice, cut once....Matt Rogers:)

5.  Don't look em' in the eye....from Frank Rutledge Jr. (Matt's grandfather) to be said when you are driving in Auburn game day traffic and moving into another lane.

6.  Learn how to say no.  Its hard sometimes, but, we all have to learn that while its possible to do it all, its not possible to be great at it all:)

7.  Don't give toys to kids....because quite frankly, they all have entirely too many (unless of course the kids are less fortunate than most of ours)

8.  Read to your babies and instill a love of a good story.  That love will never go away:)  The world would be a much better place if all children loved to read.

9.  When serving a meal to guests, keep it simple.  No need for multiple sides, a protein, something green and a simple starch and you are good to go!

10.  Don't back down.  Sometimes, things have to be shaken up a bit if you want to be heard.

11.  Sometimes, what you put value in, isn't what someone else puts value in...and that's ok, you don't have to understand, you just have to respect it.

12.  Drive your car....forever.

13.  Make a budget and stick to it.

14.  Don't borrow money to pay for your toys....Matt Rogers

What are your words of wisdom?

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Sarah Barry said...

Thanks for the shout out. I am totally flattered:)

Your words of wisdom are fantastic. I love the one about simple meals for guests. Amen.

Your baby went to the big city! Wow.