Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Its been a while.....

Its been a while.  I left a comment on a post of my blog friend SBS, that I was broke down with the motherhood.  She, well, her mama coined the term and I must say that I love it because it perfectly explains the chaos that sometimes breaks us mamas. 

I love my children.  I love my husband.  I love my life.  I love it all but sometimes I get broke down with the motherhood.  Nothing seems to go "right", things don't "come together", your 3 year old "goes nuts", you holler at ere'body! 

I KNOW this is normal.  I just can't help feeling sometimes that its my job to "rise above" all of the chaos and just deal with it!  And, quite frankly, it is my job.  I think its been hard to understand that I can't "control" our chaos....I just need to embrace it. 

I think that I get so caught up in trying to make the most of everything that I miss it everything...does that even make sense? 

While I know that for our family its best that someone (i.e. da mama) be the designated, Captain of our family Ship, its lots of pressure. 

So, I've decided to take back control....of myself.  I can control how I handle the chaos, I can't control IT but I can control myself.  I desire a longer fuse, more patience, more compassion and more passion for life!
If I continue to allow myself to be controlled by the chaos then I cannot fully enjoy my life.  I have so much passion for the life Matt and I are able to give ourselves and our children....but, I haven't been fully experiencing that life.  That is sinful and I'm not going to tolerate it anymore.

You may see the "brokedown with the motherhood" on here lots and lots.  Because you see, I'm going to emrbace that too.  Sometimes, we just get overwhelmed and it really is ok:).  So, a big thank you to SBS and her Mama for coining the term;). 

Today is a good day:) 


Sarah Barry said...

All I can say is I totally GET IT...this post! I too am trying to learn more self control, not get angry, be patient, expect chaos, let go of perfectionism, etc. etc. etc.

The new normal with two children is quite an adjustment I've found and it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and lack a passion for life. I hear ya 100%.

So glad it's a good day at your house today!
Keep us updated.

Christy Ross said...

welcome back. I've missed your words. And I know all to well the meaning of "brokedown with the motherhood."