Friday, June 3, 2011

Gaines' belated 4 month post

Bad Mama;)
Oh, well!  Here goes.
Gaines is a happy and healthy 4 month old.  He continues to be a constant joy and warms our souls!

Word to yo Mama!

Just a workin' on studyin' on something!  Notice that classic pursing of the lips...just like Daddy and Rutledge:)

Hanging out on his activity mat.

He is right on track with all of his developmental milestones seems to enjoy life:)
Here are his stats:
Weight-14 lbs 13 oz, 50th percentile
Length-25 3/4 inches, 50th percentile

Gaines is offered 5 feedings a day with 6 ounces offered at each feeding.  His typical daily consumption is anywhere from 25-30 ounces.  I have kept him on a slow-flow nipple so that he is still able to feed like a breastfed babe, which means he takes his time to eat and doesn't suck down him bottle in a few minutes which isn't good for babies and their metabolism.  Another thing is that I've never tried to make him finish a bottle....if he stops after only 4 or 5 ounces, that's fine.   

Here is a sample of his schedule.  We have been on this schedule since our 3 day "parent led" sleep training when he was 8 1/2 weeks old.  I know the whole "parent led" sleep deal is controversial, but, it works for us:)  The schedule is probably about to change because we are heading into that 5-6 month old transition where he's going to be more active!

6am-Wake Gaines to start his day & have his first feeding.

6:20am to7:30am- playtime, aka stimulation or awake time

7:30am to 10 am- nap #1

10am- wake Gaines for his 2nd feeding

10:20am-11:30am- playtime, aka stimulation or awake time

11:30am-2pm- nap #2

2pm- wake Gaines for 3rd feeding

2:20pm to 3:30pm- playtime, aka stimulation or awake time

3:30pm to 6pm- nap #3

6pm- wake Gaines for his 4th feeding

6:20pm to 7:30pm- playtime, aka stimulation or awake time

7:30pm- nap #4 (that we are about to transition to bedtime when we drop his last feeding)

9pm- wake Gaines for his 5th feeding

9:20pm- change diaper and straight to bed

6am- start over again:)

Our whole family rises at 6 am and has since Rutledge was 8 weeks old and we were doing our "parent led" sleep training with him. I'll also note that I was exclusively breastfeeding Rutledge and was also able to sleep train him as well. The only difference is that when breastfeeding, I let him nurse as long as he wanted, but we still maintained this same schedule but on a feeding every 3 hours basis. Bottlefeeding is different and we have a more specific schedule.

Matt initiated the whole, get up at 6am, thing.  If I had my way, I would have started after he left for work, just so I could sleep in:)  But, it was important to him that we have family time in the mornings and not just the evenings.  I'm not going to was SO hard to get up at first.  But, it has paid off and we can't imagine not having that time together.  Matt and I are morning people and now our boys are as well.

I guess the whole "schedule" and "sleep habit" thing is good for US because we have established OUR normal.  I won't pretend that I know it all and this would work for everyone.  It does work for us and we believe in it.  I think that the best thing about having my babies sleep through the night so young is that if they wake up in the middle of the night, I know something is wrong.  I know.  I know that their mouths hurt because they are teething, I know that their cough is keeping them from resting, I know that they need to stay up a bit later in the evening because they aren't "tired enough" at bedtime. 

Again, I'll say that I know that this is SO controversial.  A lot of people really feel that its harmful to babies to let them "cry it out".  I know that some people believe in "attachment parenting" which is when you let your child sleep in your bed until they are ready to leave the bed...I think it also means that if you are breastfeeding that you let them nurse whenever they would like.  I love my children.  I love them so much that I would not subject them to ME living that lifestyle.  I could not handle it.  And, I'm a big believer in doing whatever you can handle.  If you can handle getting up with your 1 year old in the middle of the night, then go right ahead and get up girl!  This mama just cannot and will not do that unless somebody is sick or injured! 

I just don't believe that children learn to sleep through the night by themselves.  They sleep how they are allowed to sleep.  Just like they behave the way they are allowed to behave.  I believe that if I had not allowed Rutledge to "cry it out" for  3 nights that he would still be getting up in the middle of the night....not for food or because he was lonely but because it was a habit that we allowed him to create. 

To be completely honest, allowing my babies to "cry it out" was the hardest thing I've done, so far.  But, I knew that it was only temporary.  It literally lasted 3 nights, each progressively better.  The key is to keep that daytime routine exactly the same, or as close to the same as possible during the "training"'.  That way, their metabolisms adjust.  I did each baby over a weekend so that I could have Matt's help during the day so that if I needed to nap more, I could.  Because Mama isn't going to sleep at all during those 3 nights.  I sat up in the living room watching tv with the baby moniter and ear plugs. 

Again, I can't say enough that I know this would not work for some people and some people would not think it best to do this.  It does work for us and it is best for us.

So, now that I have spilled my guts on our family routine....I'm interested to read about ere'body else and their family routine!  Let's hear it:)

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Susannah said...

OK first of all, way to go on getting up at six to have family time. Cause that wouldn't fly with me or Jason. No likey.

Secondly, I did CIO with Emma, and it took two nights. It was awful, but she has been sleeping 7:30-8:30 or so every night. Now, I'm kinda wigging on baby boy two who will be here in a week. I hope I remember how to do CIO and all the waking up and junk!

You're doing great though!