Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Both my boys

A couple of times each day, Rutledge will come up to me while I'm holding Gaines and say, "Mama will you hold both my boys?"  I think he says this because when Gaines first came home, I made a point to pull Rutledge into my lap while holding Gaines and tell him that I love to "hold both of my boys".  He cuts the phrase a little short by omitting "of":)

So, how do I put into words how much I adore my boys?  Its impossible!  They are such a joy to us and while they are special in different ways, they are so much alike.  They have different looks, different body structures, different personalities, but they are so much alike at the same time.  Sometimes, I will catch a facial expression of Gaines' and think that its Rutledge who is the baby again:) 

Here's how they are similar.....they have the same shaped eyes, nose, general facial features.  Both are and were babies that adapt easily.  If we were to get off schedule, they go with the flow.  Both do not like being woken from their naps early!  Both are GREAT sleepers and conformed easily to "parent led" sleep habits. 

Here's how they are different.....while they have the same facial features, they have different shaped heads.  Rutledge had and still has a fairly small head (he takes after the Rutledge side of the family) and a rounder face with chubby cheeks:)  Gaines has a much bigger head and different shaped face, maybe more oval, his face just looks longer (he takes after the Caden side of the family with that big ole' melon head)

Gaines is chunkier is his legs than Rutledge was at this age.  That could also be because Rutledge was breastfed and Gaines has been bottlefed for the last 2.5 months.  They seem to be the same, "size wise" because Gaines is wearing the same clothes Rutledge wore at the same months.  Their comparative weights have been the same since 4 weeks of age.  Their length is a little different but Matt says we can't go by that because the way babies are measured isn't accuracte.

When Rutledge came along, we thought we had it made in the shade!  To us, he was the perfect child.  He was happy and easy.  The only thing was this....he didn't and still really doesn't like other women.  He's a one woman kind of man and I'm his woman.  Muver swears he doesn't like her....Sweetie feels the same.  I do my best to force him to be nice to them but more often than not, he gives the cold shoulder.  I FEEL TERRIBLE about this....but, I know it will get better.

Gaines on the other hand is a ladies man!  He seems to love to be with ere'body!  Muver is enjoying this babe in a different way....honestly, I think she's just eased into her "grandmotherly" position and isn't so "Anti-grandmother".  Rutledge gets SO jealous when she is giving attention to Gaines...he will do anything to get her attention when that's happening and he doesn't do that with anyone else....that's what's so strange!

I think that for us, the 2nd child has been easier....well, beginning to raise the 2nd child is easier.  Raising 2 children isn't easy!  I think I feel that Gaines might be a little easier is because I am more relaxed and not so rigid.  I was obsessed with wanting things MY WAY when Rutledge came on the scene and I think that rubbed off on him.....

Here are a couple of photos of both my boys at around the same ages:)  Notice that even with their different shaped heads and faces that how their features are so similar.  Forgive the quality of the pics of Rutledge....old camera!

Rutledge 4 months
Chubby cheeks, rounder face and rounder head.

Gaines a little over 4 months
Longer face, oval head, same eyes, nose & mouth:)

You may not be able to see the similarities that we do, that's probably because babes change SO much everyday.  One day they look like twins, the next Gaines is starting to get his own look:)  I just think its very neat that they will have the same features and they will both look like their daddy:)

We adore these boys!!!

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