Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baptism comparison pics

So, I don't pay for sitting fees with a profesh photographer....I love the pics, but, no likey the price.  Personally, I'm a believer in candids.  We have a great camera and take tons of candids and I would rather catch our family "in the moment" than worry about what outfit everyone needs to wear for our sitting with the photographer.  Just my preference, I do love other peeps professional pics and do sometimes envy the gorgeous results:) 

My one exception to this rule is my boys Baptism gown.  Sweetie supplies "The Gown" for all the grandbabes and she wants a "portrait" style photo to display.  So, what's a gal to do when her MIL wants this one little thing?  You go to the cheapest place and get the pic made;)

Portrait Innovations, here we come.  For a mere $100, I've made my MIL one happy lady.

Here are pics of both the boys at the same age, 5 months in there Portrait Innovations "photo shoots"....yes, they are cheesy as all get out.


I just can't stop smiling at these two faces, they are precious!

I have to leave you with a pic that's my least favorite and my absolute favorite at the same time.  I don't like the horrid gray drape and I don't like him being on his tummy...I think those things make it even more cheesy.  I LOVE the expression on his face.  Our good friend Amy just busts out laughing whenever she looks at this was the "free" gift from Portrait 8 x 10.....we don't do anything larger than a 5 x 7 in this household.  So, to cheese it up even more, I presented Amy with this special portrait of Gaines....
It just cracks me up!  The girl at Portrait Innovations called this his "personality pose".  I hate that we even had "poses"! 

The final straw was at the end of the shoot when she brought out a miniature "Victorian" style chair with red velvet upholstery.  Amy, who was along for the thrill of the "photo shoot", looked at me and we both dropped our jaws....I told the girl that we didn't have to use the chair for Rutledge's "photo shoot" and I didn't need the chair "pose".  The girl said, "we have to do 1 chair pose for our software".  I just didn't know what to say, my mouth was poised with a protest when Amy said, "we don't do red velvet mini chairs", (thank you, Amy...I just couldn't get the words out of my mouth!).  I said then said, "can't you cover up that red velvet?  Its tacky!"  The poor Portrait Innovations girl didn't know what to do....she finally said, well, we can cover it with this black velvet.  Amy and I both said, "Fine!"

So, the end result is acceptable and all in all, it was a hilarious experience:) 
Happy weekend and Happy Father's Day!!!


jules8665 said...

Of course, I LURV the "personality pose" - instant classic!

Sarah Barry said...

Amen, I'm a HUGE fan of candids too. Overly posed pictures are not cool {with the exception of sweet Gaines and his personality pose!!!!} That expression is to die for. It's like he's totally hamming it up on purpose b/c he gets the inside joke.

Red velvet...oh my. Black was a much better choice.

Bethy said...

Hahaha so stinkin cute!!! We don't pay for professional photos either. But we are blessed with photographer friends so we've had a couple shoots of Winona. 2. Otherwise, I'm totally with you. My camera may as well be attached to me.