Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Rodeo!

The Annual Rodeo came to town a few weeks ago & we were fortunate enough to get the VIP treatment!
My good friend, Leigha Cauthen & her family have a long association with the Rodeo.  Her daddy used to ride on the circuit when he was younger.  And, as Rutledge says, "He's a cowboy, Mama!"  And, I wish I had a pic to show his big ole' hat & belt buckle which were MOST impressive to our boy:)

Leigha has offered us tickets to the Rodeo every year since Rutledge was born, but, we felt he was a a little too young to enjoy it...until this year!  So, I asked Leigha if the offer still stood & boy oh boy, did the gal come through!

Here is a pic of Leigha & me at last years Alabama Wildlife Federation's Wildgame Cookoff!
Man! I hate looking at this pic bc it was taken right after I had gotten my fitness on last year & had myself in a bootcamp & lost 30 lbs:(  I will get it back, I will get it back!!!;)

Anywho, that's Leigha.  We have lots in common....we both enjoy the consumption of lycopene (anything product with cooked tomatoes like, salsa, ketchup, spaghetti & chili), politics, denim, boots, a good white button down, birthday parades, and beer.  I think that about covers it. 

So, Leigha & her Daddy, Big Carey, gave us the ultimate Rodeo experience.
I will have you know that there is a VIP room at the Rodeo!
Not only did we get the best seats in the house for the Rodeo, but, we had access to the VIP room, sponsored by the Alabama Cattlemens Association.  There was an open bar & some yummy snacks!  After about an hour in the VIP room, we went to our seats to get settled before the show.  Ummm, those Cauthen's have their own special section of seating....the 1st 2 rows are theirs.  Leigha's Uncle Sonny has the 1st row & her Daddy has the 2nd row.  Nice! 

1st stop at the Rodeo was the hat stand.
Rutledge got a great hat!
We had a little trouble taking pics with the glow necklace....probably should have taken it off.

Here is our fam pic!

The only good pic of the action.  We haven't gotten the hang of taking "action" pics.  All of them turned out blurry:(

This was SUCH a family friendly event and good clean fun!  Rutledge had a wonderful time and is still talking about the Rodeo!  I would like to give a special shoutout & thanks to the Cauthen Clan!  We had a wonderful time and are so thankful we had this opportunity.  This was the first outing with just the 3 of us since Gaines' birth & it was so special to have such a fun event to share with him!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that shout out! Loved having ya'll there- it was sharing that special time with the first family!!