Monday, April 4, 2011

3rd Birthday Par-tay!

We didn't think it would even happen because it rained every hour until his party started.  We had to clear out the carport and hang visqueen(sp) to block potential blowing wind and rain. 
The theme of the party was John Deere, of course.
I decided to go casual this year with minimal effort towards food and decor.
I have a newborn peeps, its time to get realistic.

So, we had blowing wind and rain literally right up until party time.
Then the sun starting peeking out, Praise GOD!

What could have been a sad party turned into a happy party!
The menu:
Grilled hotdogs
Snack pack chips
Baby carrots/celery with dip
John Deere cake and cupcakes

The activities:
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Hay ride

Here it is in pics!
We started the day with a family pic.

Rutledge waiting on the porch for his guests!

A pic of "our boys" as Rutledge calls them:)  These are Sister and Cambo's boys!
Notice the lovely yet functional visqueen(sp?)...

Rutledge and his main squeeze, Janie Bess!

Simple, kid friendly food
Even more simple table decor.

The AMAZING cake that I didn't have to make;)
If you want details on this cake or any other kind of cake let me know, I'll put you in touch with who made it!

Daddy putting the candles on the cake!

The cake and cupcakes!

Singing Happy Birthday!  He was so pleased:)

Our friend Buddy with his 1st of about 12 cupcakes;)

A little pin the tail on the donkey!

The Vaughan gurls' watching peeps try to find the tail!

The end result!

Daddy coming around the driveway with the tractor for the hayride!

1st round of the hayride...we had to go in shifts!

Out in the hayfield that has no hay...yet!

They heard the word, pinata!

The John Deere pinata! Thank you to the world wide web!
We converted the pinata so we didn't have to use a stick....swinging sticks/bats and toddlers is sometimes not the best idea;)  Each child had a ribbon to pull and 1 lucky child pulled the ribbon that released all the candy!

All of the kids slammed down on their knees quicker than anything I've seen!  Ready for that candy!

I think this face tells it all.
Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!

***p.s. All of these pics were taken by the lovely Taylor Morgan.  This is the 2nd bday party we have had her taking pics and it is SO worth it!  We can actually have fun @ the parties and not worry about capturing the perfect pic!  If you are interested in her services, let me know & I will put you in touch with her!

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Sarah Barry said...

What a delightful party! The menu looks fabulous. I love me a hotdog. Happy happy birthday Rutledge!!!

And the John Deere theme - awesome!