Friday, March 11, 2011

2 Months Old!

Sweet Brother Man is 2 months old today!
I honestly cannot believe he has been with us for 2 whole months.
Our lives are definitely richer for it and for that we are grateful.

This pic of Gaines was taken today on the day he is 2 months old!

At 2 months, Gaines is hitting all of his developmental milestones and is still a great baby!
He has a wonderful temperment and seems to love being with us...although, I think he still prefers his mama to anyone else:)  As well he should!

We went to his 2 month appointment this morning and here are the stats!
Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz
Length: 22 7/8 inches long
Head: 16 1/4 inches

An interesting fact is that Gaines weighs exactly what Rutledge weighed at his 2 month appt:)
I haven't checked the length yet....although, Matt says that the way babies are measured for length, there's no way any baby is given an accurate length.  For those that don't have kids, kids (birth to age 2)  are placed on the table (with paper covering), a mark is made at the top of their head and then the nurse stretches that little leg and makes another mark at their heel.  With all of that wiggling and paper shifting, its not exactly an exact science.  Our pediatrician confirmed this for Matt;)

I'll close this post with another pic of Gaines.  FYI, the pursing of the lips and scrunching of the forhead is a classic Matt Rogers face....Rutledge makes the exact same face and has since he was born.  They make this face when they are working on somethin', thinkin' about somethin', or wonderin' what the heck mama is thinkin' when she does somethin' crazy!
Lurd, he looks like that Daddy and that brotha!

I have some MAJA posting to catch up on.  We have had some TRAUMA up in this household....stay tuned!

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Susannah said...

So precious! I'm so sorry about the breastfeeding drama and sicknesses! I had a similar problem with Emma where she wouldn't latch and I had to pump for 11 months. I beat myself up on not trying hard enough-it's just mom guilt.