Friday, February 11, 2011


Well,  its been a whole month.
Can you believe it?
It has absolutely flown by and we are adjusting pretty well.

Brother is fitting in and its like he was always here:)

And, here is one without the paci...just so you can see those oh so smoochable lips!

This week, Gaines and I survived the stomach virus.
It was horrible and I literally thought I was going to die.
I never thought I would be nursing my baby with one arm and holding the throwup bucket with the other.
***BTW, my amazing husband, who has a horrible gag reflex, did a great job cleaning the bucket;)***
My milk supply dried up to zilch.
Needless to say, my milkshakes weren't bringing any boys to the yard.
Gaines was MAD because he didn't have enough to eat. 
My milk came back in full effect yesterday, but, it was a rough few days.
He has been gaining a pound a week since my milk initially came in and he lost a little ground during my virus and recovery, but, it seems we are back on track!

Now, for the stats.
Gaines' birthweight: 7lbs 3 oz, 19 inches
At Gaines' 3 day checkup he weighed in at 6 lbs 6 oz
My milk didn't come in until he was 5 days old.  I know....that's a long took a long time with Rutledge too.  So, he dropped 13 oz.
At Gaines' 2 week checkup he weight in at 8 lbs 13oz and measured in at 21 1/2 inches.
50th percentile for weight, 75th percentile for length
Today, Gaines is 9 lbs 13 oz, I have no idea what length, we shall see at his 2 month checkup.

I am enjoying my days at home with Brother and Bubba:)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Birthin'!

Sorry for the hiatus peeps!
But, my nest has needed to be tended to and I just couldn't fathom even firing up the ole' laptop.

We have had a great few weeks here at home getting adjusted to life as a family of 4.
Wow.  I'm 30 years old and I have 2 children.
I'm really an adult.
Its a little surreal folks!
In a good way:)

So, I guess I'll start with Gaines' birth story.
We were scheduled for induction on 1-11-11.
However, we got nervous the weekend before because of the winter weather distaster that was headed our way.  Muver had to be called in early because they were supposed to get hit harder up in the North Country.  So, she headed down earlier and we were glad she did because she would have gotten stuck in Sheffield.  Once she got here we pretty much just settled in and vegged out for the rest of the weekend.  Matt worked on stocking his woodpile at the barn & worried about losing satelite reception during the National Championship....WAR EAGLE, btw!

I only have one complaint about the whole birth preperation dear sweet loving husband proceded to get "over-served" during the National Championship......
He came to bed after midnight....but not after waking me first.
He then proceded to snore i really think he has sleep apnea his way through the night.
For all of you with husbands that snore, you know that alcohol, as well as dairy products, exagerate snoring.
So, my last night in my bed before giving birth was even more miserable than usual.
I could hear him sawing away through my heavy duty earplugs.
At this point in the juncture,  I have to cut the boy some slack....this was a once in a lifetime game and to this day when he thinks about it, he gets a little misty;)
So, I got out of bed at 3 am and took a nice shower and put my makeup on and got ready for the day.  I woke his sorry self my sweet husband up at 4:15 and we were rockin' and rollin' ready to start our day and go have a baby!

We arrived at the hospital a few minutes before 5 am, got checked in and headed up to our LDR.
Before long, we were all settled in and I tried to nap....Matt tried to rehydrate.

Now for the details.
When we 1st arrived I was a good 2 centimeters and still 50% effaced.
I told the nurse 1st thing to get those fluids going so that I could get my epidural ASAP;)
For those that don't know, you have to have 1 bag of IV fluids before you can have your epidural.
They went ahead and started my pitocin drip at the same time as my IV fluids.
As soon as those fluids were gone the epidural man was in my room setting things up and I was comfortable before I knew it!  Thank you LORD for modern medicine.
I had wonderful epidurals with both births and couldn't have been happier with the results.  I was able to feel both boys during their deliveries and feel really present during pushing, etc.  I just didn't have any pain, no hotspots at all.  Both really good experiences.

Around 8:30, Dr. Logan came around and broke my water.  I still hadn't dialated any further.
I tried to rest some more.  My nurses checked me every hour and predicted we would have a babe by mid afternoon.  At that point I told my nurse that I transitioned very quickly, like when I hit the halfway point, i.e. 5 centimeters, I went very quickly with my first child, like under an hour.

So, at 12:15, my nurse stopped by before she went on her lunch break.  She said I was 5 centimeters and that she would be back to check me at 1pm.  At 12:45, 2 nurses came in and said my nurse had sent them to check me because she just "had a feeling something was about to happen".  They checked me and told me I was 10 centimeters and that they were calling Dr. Logan.
I went from 5 to 10 in 30 minutes.
Then, the whole team comes in and proceeds to get the room all ready for delivery.
I did request a "bump" on my epidural, which did arrive in time.  I asked for the extra meds because I was having some tremendous abdominal wasn't just discomfort.  I had the same with Rutledge.

So, after the room was all ready and Dr. Logan arrived, I pushed 3 times and......
Robert Gaines Rogers was born!

SO Happy he's here!

Love Dr. Logan!

Our first conversation.

We spent an hour just being together, the 3 of us.
Gaines and I enjoyed some skin to skin time and he had his first meal;)
Our families came in for a few minutes to visit and see Gaines and then he went off to the nursery to have his bath and get assessed.

Rutledge saw this picture and said, "Mama, Gaines is strong!"

My parents and Sessy brought Rutledge up to the hospital the day after Gaines was born.
He couldn't wait to meet his brother!
This is Muber holding him up to have a little look!
Sporting his new "I'm the Big Brother" shirt that Muver got for him.
I think the high point for Rutledge was drinking applejuice out of a styro cup:)

Had to get that hat off!

Sweet brothers!!!

Before we could blink, it was time to head home!
Oh, before I forget, here is a pic of the fabulous door decoration that Muver had made for Gaines!
It's a basket filled with ivy and ribbons and tied in are little porceline (sp?) ring boxes with baby theme!  It was precious and the envy of the whole post partum floor!

Gaines' gorgeous gown that was made by my mother-in-law's super talented friend, Ms. Rita Boyd.

Gaines is mad that he has to wear lace.  Little does he know that he has years of this ahead of him;)

And, he's calm once Daddy put his Auburn hat on!

Here we are, ready to go home!!!

That's all for now!
I hope to be back soon with details on our new life as a fam of 4!
But, don't hold your breath for anything consistant coming from this blog...for a while at least.
My life revolves around breast feeding and smooching Bubba, Brother and sometimes their Daddy:)