Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Scoop

Ok, my computer is currently residing in an HP Repair Facility...wherever that is....somewhere in the continental USA.
I am typing this post at the Library, and there will be no pics for a while.
You may be wondering how I am able to do this with Rutledge.....
He is with Meme until tomorrow!

We have had some developments.
I went for my 36 week checkup Monday morning.
My blood pressure was up...2 weeks ago it was 117/70.  Monday it was 140/84.  Not exactly in the "danger zone", but, considering my previous pregnancy history, cause for some concern.
I had also gained 10 lbs over that 2 weeks....not good ladies, not good.
I am also experiencing some edema, i.e. heavy swelling.
Now, this swelling is NOTHING like I experienced with Rutledge..NOTHING.
I was swoll' up tighter than a tick for 5 months with that babe.
My only saving grace at this point is that I don't have any protein in my urine.

So, I'm giving you all of these symptoms to say that I have some "pre" symptoms of pre-eclampsia

This is not something we care to mess around with folks.
Been there, done that.

So, my Dr. has scheduled an induction for Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @ 5am!
We will be a few days over the 37 week mark, 16 days early, and feel confident in our Dr.'s advice that this is the best course of action for our family.
BTW, what a cool birthday...1.11.11!

Also, I'm dialated 2 cm and I'm 50/50....I forgot to ask but I think that has something to do with effacement.  Dr. Logan said that if we went all the way, i.e. 40 weeks, I could still only be dialated 2 cm, soooo, that's not such exciting news in the world of dialation.

Soooo, I'm supposed to "take it easy" until we head up to the hospital.
Sister came to get Rutledge yesterday and is keeping him until tomorrow.  One of my very kind friends from church is keeping Rutledge Friday morning and I'll have him home in time for his afternoon nap.  Friday evening will kick off our countdown as a "family of 3".

I'm getting more and more nervous about being a mama of 2.
I know that I can handle it.
I just hope I can give Baby Gaines the same that I gave Rutledge.
I know that in some ways, this is just not humanly possible.
My mama has always told me that its impossible to parent each child the same way because each child has different needs and each child has a different personality.
I do believe that...its just hard to tell that to a young mama who wants everything and everyone to be happy.

So, we covet your prayers for a safe remainder of my pregnancy and a safe delivery of Gaines.
I'm also requesting prayers for my sweet Rutledge.
This is going to be SUCH an adjustment for him....I know that he can and will handle this, but, I still can't help but worry about him.

I'm going to hang out at the Library for a while longer and type up a few more posts.  Hopefully, my computer will be back soon!
I may have Matt do a pic post while we are in the hospital:)
Hopefully, we will be home by Thursday!

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Sarah Barry said...

Hang in there. Sorry about the 'pre' pre-eclampsia. 1-11-11 AWESOME B-day and just one day after my little one. Hope everything goes great....just a few more days!