Thursday, January 6, 2011

No pain, no gain

Again, I'm sorry for no computer is on hiatus for a while.

Ok.  There are some ladies out there that will totally be able to sympathize with me on this little issue....
Shaving your legs during pregnancy.

It ain't easy folks.
No, siree'

Now, I'm not a fan of shaving anyway.
Gross, I know.
I just don't like to take the time to do it.
In the summer months, I do it fairly religiously.
But, when I'm in pants for a couple of seasons....what is the point?
If I were in Europe....this wouldn't even be a big deal.

Ok, so, for the past couple of months, I just have not been able to bend over for any considerable amount of time....nor have I been able to hike my leg up high enough in the shower to complete the task.

You may ask, why not just have Matt shave your legs for you?
Because ladies, my husband is a wimp when it comes to certain things....people gagging, vomiting, excess body hair, etc.
Its just not worth making him suffer;)

So, yesterday, after dropping Rutledge off with Sister (aka, Meme), I, on a whim, called a couple of spas and got pricing for leg waxing.
I have to admit, I've always been curious, but, never really considered taking this step because of the pain involved.

In the end, I decided that a little pain was totally worth not having to "deal" with this little matter for the next 4-6 weeks.

So, I called Doug's II Salon and Spa, where I get my hair "did".
Their price was $45 per leg for half of the leg.
I decided that only half leg was in order because of the season.
So, they couldn't fit me in until after 12pm.
It was 9:15am and I really didn't want to wait.

So, I called SmartSkin Spa in Prattville, where I have received some prenatal massages.  Their price was $50 per leg for half of the leg.
But, they could take me in 30 minutes.
Off I went.

When I got there, I told the anesthetician about the price difference between them and Doug's II.  She kindly DROPPED the price to $40 a leg!
How cool is that!

Anywho, I braced myself for the "procedure".
The whole thing took about 40 minutes.
I'm not going to lie.
It hurt and it was uncomfortable.
But, it wasn't unbearable.
And, ladies, I'm SUCH a wimp.
If you have ever had your eyebrows waxed and you can handle that experience, then, you can certainly handle that on your legs.

So, I got home and admired the handiwork.
I must say that I'm quite pleased with myself for taking matters into my own hands and taking care of this situation.

Yes, it was a completly frivolous thing to do, but, sometimes, we just have to do those kinds of things to remind ourselves that we do matter!

I will do an update in 4-6 weeks to let everyone know about the regrowth and if I will ever do it again.
Right now, I think I would.  Especially before a vacation or something.

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Susannah said...

Oh Lord, that is hilarious! I can sympathize with the shaving-it was SOOOO hard to deal with! And it is happening again now-and I'm not due till June! I have to shave!!! Yikes.