Friday, December 3, 2010

Catching up....Halloween 2010

I am beginning the process of catching up.
Why not start with All Hallows Eve?

We had a couple of events to attend.
The 1st being a community wide indoor trick or treat held at the Wetumpka Civic Center.
It was a great event for kids because it was well lit, safe and best of all it supported our local food bank.

Matt's bank was a sponsor of the event and had a booth.  I think there were around 100 booths all sponsored by local businesses and churches.  We did one loop of the Civic Center and then hightailed it to the back of the room so that we could visit the bank booth.
Here is a pic of the 3 of us!

A couple of days after the Civic Center event, Rutledge and I headed up to the North Country to spend a few days in Sheffield with Muver and the gang!
I sent Matt on to Eddie Place (aka, the huntin' camp), to enjoy the weekend in the company of men folk.
He deserved it;)

The highlight of the weekend was watching Rutledge trick or treat for the 1st time at the houses I had my 1st trick or treating experiences:)

1st stop:  The Box Household
Jimmy and Christine (aka "The Boss Hen") Box
She's the "Boss Hen" because, well, because, she just is.
That's what my mama and my nanny (my mama's best friend) call her, so, we all grew up knowing that Christine was the expert on everything pertaining to: social graces, entertaining, child rearing, health, religion, balanced meals, etc.  Pretty much everything under the sun, including just good advice.

So, here is a pic of Rutledge trick or treating for the very 1st time at the door of Jimmy & Christine!
Our Auburn football player being greated by a former University of Alabama football player;)  Rutledge said, "Trick or Treat, WAR EAGLE, HEY!"  Jimmy even indulged him by returning the "War Eagle" greeting!  It was very sweet.

Here he is greeting Christine.
Rutledge got his pick of the candy, as well as a special treat baked by Christine!
That's the old neighborhood tradition....everyone gets candy, but, we got special bags with our names on them filled with extra special treats:)

Attempting a pic but he wouldn't look in the camera!

 Muver had to jump in and try to take control of the situation.
It didn't work.  He just wanted to look at Jimmy.

Next stop, the Grimmits!
Here is a pic of Rutledge walking up to the front door.
We used to live right in front of the Grimmits and there are still Grimmits living there, just the next generation!
 And here he is getting his hug from Sally Grimmit!
He got an extra special Halloween treat from Sally too;)

After our 2 stops, we be-bopped over to Valerie Wesson's house for supper and indulged in some of her yummy lasagna.  Val is 1/2 Italian and cooks VERY well.

Here is a pic of the 2 of us!
Of course, he's not looking at the camera.

So, that was Halloween 2010!

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