Thursday, December 23, 2010

How's it going?

How's it going peeps?
Is everyone in the Christmas spirit?

We sure are around these parts!
We have been counting down the days with Rutledge and he is VERY excited that tomorrow means that there is just 1 more day until Santa!

Just to fill everyone in on my appointment this past Monday morning....everything is great with me and the babe.  I say that with a little bit of reluctance in my heart.
It just seems that everything is too easy this time and I'm scared that something bad is going to happen.
I'm doing my best not to dwell on that and trying to focus on the positive fact that I am healthy and Baby Gaines is healthy!

On another note, we were able to run down to the huntin' camp in Dallas County on Tuesday evening after Matt finished work.  It was nice to get away for a night and a day.  While we were there, Matt was able to get some tractor work done, such as: burying power lines and water lines.  He also built a set of side porch steps on the single wide;)  and hooked up the ice maker in the refridgerator.  It was a good morning to get all of that accomplished.  Wednesday afternoon, he took Rutledge deer hunting for the 1st time ever!  I'll post pics later but it was a sweet time for both of them.  Matt said that Rutledge sat on his knee for over 2 hours and with the exception of a little chattiness;)  he was a mighty good boy!  He was very excited to see 2 baby deer (fawns).

After their afternoon hunting, we headed into Selma to visit with the Reeves Family!  Matt is Godfather to Edgar and Amy's youngest child, Myles.  We had a nice visit, gave out some presents and headed back home!

We hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday week and that you all have a Happy Christmas!!! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its been quite a week!

I feel like one of those ladies "back in the day" that had to get everything canned and put up before winter set in;)
Seriously, I have been working like a madwoman stocking my deep freeze to prepare for the eminant arrival of "Bobby G"....
No, that's not his Christian name.....
Its our pet name for baby boy #2.
We really just like to use it because it ticks off Matt's mama;)
His given name will be.......
Robert Gaines Rogers
to be called Gaines.
His name is for my side of the family this time:)
Here is a 4d pic of our new little man.

Ok, here's the thing....his 4d looks JUST LIKE Rutledge's 4d.
Will I ever have a child that looks like me and not a carbon copy of Matt Rogers?;)
Just kidding.  We make beautiful babes:)

Now, about his name.
Robert is for my mom's Uncle Bob who is very special to all of us and Gaines is from my dad's side of the family...Daddy's middle name is Gaines, his grandmother was a Gaines.  We just love the was really hard to come up with something to compete with Rutledge.
Its quite a name, and he's quite a boy!
The LURV of my life...
Besides his daddy:)

On another note, I have had ALL of my Christmas shopping accomplished for about 2 weeks...AND, its all wrapped:)
I feel kind of like super woman.

The only thing left is the little bit of holiday baking that I do to give to friends.  This year, we are giving cream cheese pound cakes...yum.

So, with all of my Christmas preperations and deep freeze stocking, I've been a BUSY lady.

My 35 week appointment is Monday morning.
Please pray that everything goes well, as that is the appointment with Rutledge that my blood pressure was high, there was a trace of protien in my urine and I was admitted to Baptist East for bedrest for 1 week prior to being induced at 36 weeks to give birth to a very healthy but very jaundice 6 lb 9 oz baby boy!

So, I'm doing my best to keep things simple as we like to do for holidays but its kind of hard when your 2 1/2 year old actually gets Christmas:)

Love to all!
I hope everyone is as busy as bees!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Catching up.....Fun with Daddy!

Part of having fun with Daddy is getting to put on...
Carhartt pants in a size 3.

And getting to wear these...

So that he can look just like Daddy.

He wants to do everything with Daddy and everything like Daddy.
So, when Matt tells Rutledge to "get ready!", that means he needs to get his Carhartts and boots on!

These pics are from a few weeks ago when Matt had to be outside for most of the afternoon.  During Rutledge's nap, he used his chainsaw to cut logs out of several large limbs and load them on a trailer and take them down to the barn.  Then, he came in to get Bubba!

He taught Rutledge how to use a log splitter....

Cute boys!

His real job was to stack the wood after Daddy split it....
See how well he did!

Not perfect, but, a good effort!

After helping to stack firewood, Bubba took a ride on another Uncle Bob prize...

The fun never ends around these parts!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Catching up....Halloween 2010

I am beginning the process of catching up.
Why not start with All Hallows Eve?

We had a couple of events to attend.
The 1st being a community wide indoor trick or treat held at the Wetumpka Civic Center.
It was a great event for kids because it was well lit, safe and best of all it supported our local food bank.

Matt's bank was a sponsor of the event and had a booth.  I think there were around 100 booths all sponsored by local businesses and churches.  We did one loop of the Civic Center and then hightailed it to the back of the room so that we could visit the bank booth.
Here is a pic of the 3 of us!

A couple of days after the Civic Center event, Rutledge and I headed up to the North Country to spend a few days in Sheffield with Muver and the gang!
I sent Matt on to Eddie Place (aka, the huntin' camp), to enjoy the weekend in the company of men folk.
He deserved it;)

The highlight of the weekend was watching Rutledge trick or treat for the 1st time at the houses I had my 1st trick or treating experiences:)

1st stop:  The Box Household
Jimmy and Christine (aka "The Boss Hen") Box
She's the "Boss Hen" because, well, because, she just is.
That's what my mama and my nanny (my mama's best friend) call her, so, we all grew up knowing that Christine was the expert on everything pertaining to: social graces, entertaining, child rearing, health, religion, balanced meals, etc.  Pretty much everything under the sun, including just good advice.

So, here is a pic of Rutledge trick or treating for the very 1st time at the door of Jimmy & Christine!
Our Auburn football player being greated by a former University of Alabama football player;)  Rutledge said, "Trick or Treat, WAR EAGLE, HEY!"  Jimmy even indulged him by returning the "War Eagle" greeting!  It was very sweet.

Here he is greeting Christine.
Rutledge got his pick of the candy, as well as a special treat baked by Christine!
That's the old neighborhood tradition....everyone gets candy, but, we got special bags with our names on them filled with extra special treats:)

Attempting a pic but he wouldn't look in the camera!

 Muver had to jump in and try to take control of the situation.
It didn't work.  He just wanted to look at Jimmy.

Next stop, the Grimmits!
Here is a pic of Rutledge walking up to the front door.
We used to live right in front of the Grimmits and there are still Grimmits living there, just the next generation!
 And here he is getting his hug from Sally Grimmit!
He got an extra special Halloween treat from Sally too;)

After our 2 stops, we be-bopped over to Valerie Wesson's house for supper and indulged in some of her yummy lasagna.  Val is 1/2 Italian and cooks VERY well.

Here is a pic of the 2 of us!
Of course, he's not looking at the camera.

So, that was Halloween 2010!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 day shy of a month....

I haven't posted in ALMOST a month.
Ladies, (and the few gents that read this), I feel like my life has been in a whirlwind.
And, the few moments I've had to myself, I just haven't wanted to blog.

I do feel like I've accomplished quite a bit in the last month.
Like purchase 108 rolls of toilet paper.
Hoard much?

We got Sister married off....HUGE accomplishment!
I don't have any wedding pics yet, but, I do have a family pic of the 3 of us.
Please excuse my prego double chin...I thought I had gotten rid of that thing last spring with all of my physical fitness efforts;)

So, with the hectic weeks that came before the blessed event and the weeks that came after, I've kind of been in hibernation mode.

Y'all, my belly is huge.
I feel huge.
I really am NOT sleeping well.
I get about 4-5 hours a night at this point.
I'm surviving on my 1.5 hour catnap that I take while Rutledge is enjoying his afternoon nap.
I have no trouble falling asleep, its just the bathroom visits every hour on the hour that are making evening sleep a nightmare.  So, around 3 am, I'm up and at em'. 

Consequently, I haven't been in the best of moods lately, hence, the lack of blogging, etc.

I know its part of pregnancy, but, its kind of hard to motivate while having a very active 2.5 year old child of the male variety.....
Look at that sweet Bubba of mine.
I didn't know this was possible, but, he becomes more precious EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I think that Rutledge is swiftly become more and more aware of the changes that are about to happen in our household.  He will sometimes indulge in a little "'baby talk" to get our attention.  He is also making a point to tell me, "Mama, I'm your 1st baby!"  We are indulging him as well with extra hugs and assurement that he is our 1st baby.  But, the reality is that his whole world is about to change.  We have been reading books about becoming a big brother as well as talking about what big boys get to do and what babies can't do because they are so little.  I hope all of this helps!

    I'm hoping to spend the rest of Rutledge's nap time catching up on posting. 
I just cleaned off 2 SD cards this morning, so, maybe I can get some pics and things up!

I hope that everyone is doing well!
Thanks for bearing with me!