Friday, October 15, 2010


Ok, so, I did what I said I wasn't going to do....
I went back to Arkansas.
We had a major reason.

Muver called last Wednesday and said that Uncle Bob had to move to the Wildflower (assisted living facility). His dementia has become more pronounced and he was only eating when supervised.
She was sort of frantic because she didn't know what to do with all of the heavy equipment and stuff.
His farm is smack dab in the middle of town and a prime target for vandalism.
So, my sweet husband came up with a game plan.
Because he is a banker, he gets all of the holidays when the FED Columbus Day;)
So, he took Tuesday as a vacation day so that we would have enough time to travel back to Bama.
We were headed to Sheffield for Sister's engagement party anyway.
Btw, it was fantastic! Tons of fun!
Sunday morning, Muver, Matt, Rutledge and I loaded up in Uncle Bob's "Smooth Ride"

and headed to Arkansas.  Muver has been driving the Smooth Ride back and forth to Arkansas.
Its about a 5 1/2 hour drive from Sheffield.
When we arrived, we took the afternoon to asses the situation and decide what was going to come back with us and what would stay to be sold in an auction.
Monday morning, we picked this up....
a 26 foot Penske.

Matt and 2 movers loaded it down with various tools and farm implements.

Our grand prize was this....
A 6x4 John Deere Gator.

I know what you are thinking. Matt, Erin and Rutledge drove home together in a moving truck.
Nope, sorry to disappoint.
Uncle Bob's 2nd vehicle is a Chevrolet Avalanche.
Not the most attractive it a truck? is it an SUV?
What can I say, Uncle Bob likes to keep people guessing.  And, he likes to keep it flashy.
Anywho, I drove the Avalanche home.

I also pulled this
with this on it.
The perfect size for Bubba to learn how to drive a tractor!
I kind of felt like superwoman.
I also had this little guy in the backseat.
He was an ANGEL.
He wanted to chat for the first 4 hrs.
It kind of made my head hurt.
Then, it was dvd time.
That occupied him for a solid 2 hrs.
Then, lunch.
Then, he took a SPLENDID 4 hour nap.
Then, we only had an hour to go before we were HOME!
That's right folks, Matt drove the Penske and I drove a truck pulling a tractor on a trailer for 11 HOURS.

We did stop every 2.5 hrs for potty breaks and stretching.
That made it bearable.
Still, it was kind of rough on the 26 week pregnant gal.

Wednesday afternoon, we drove the Penske to Sister and Cambo's house because they have tons of storage in their barns.  They graciously offered to keep Bubba for a couple of days so that we could recouperate.
It was definitely needed.
I had a massage yesterday and have just been relaxing.

Now, I'm thinking of what I'm going to finish before he comes home this afternoon.
Tomorrow, we are headed to Dallas county to the huntin' camp to see Matt.
I'm making a big ole' pot of red beans and rice to take with us.

Its going to be a beautiful weekend, so get on out there and enjoy it!

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