Friday, October 1, 2010

In the dove field with Daddy!

While Matt and I have enjoyed every stage of Rutledge's life....I think that Rutledge and his Daddy are particularly enjoying the new phase called, "I get to go everywhere with Daddy!"
I must confess, I enjoy it as well;)

Wednesday afternoon, Uncle Pep, Pop & Daddy headed out to one of our cotton fields on the farm to shoot some dove. Bubba was napped until 4:30. I then called Matt to tell him that he was waiting for his Daddy...and Daddy said, "get him dressed and bring him to the field!"
And that's what I did!
Here are some pics from the afternoon!

Warning!  If you are a little squeemish, you may not want to look at a couple of the pics.  Oh, and all animals harvested by our family are eaten by our family or given to those in need.

With Uncle Pep & Daddy!

Retrieving a dove.
Daddy says he's better than a bird dog;)

Rutledge decided to take a bite out of the dove...after prompting from Uncle Pep.  I must confess that I did the same thing as a child....I won't tell you what happened as a result.  Let's just say I've been inspecting someone's diapers for little friends:(

He got a little bloodied.
 Then, they cleaned the birds in the pond.  Daddy showed Rutledge how to pull the feathers off.

Cool pic.

I like this one of Uncle Pep.

Here are my boys waiting on the birds.

It was a good day here on the farm!

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Sarah Barry said...

Going everywhere with Daddy - that IS a fun stage! Makes me look forward to when Stephen is a little older and can join Stephen Grande in more activities.

I love R's carhart overalls.