Friday, October 1, 2010


Keeping with the spirit of Rutledge going everywhere with Daddy....
They have left me for the night.
I think I was a little too giddy;)
Of course I miss them.
But, I needed to recharge my batteries!

Matt told me in the beginning of the week that he wanted to take Rutledge on an overnight excursion to the huntin' camp.
I was more than happy to oblige.
So, I packed my boys with lots of snacks and treats and sent them on their way!
Rutledge has been talking about it ALL week.
He knew it was going to be just him and Daddy, but, after I put him in his carseat, he said," you sit in da front Mama, by Daddy"......I reminded him that I wasn't going with him this time, it was just him and Daddy.
He looked a little confused but perked up quickly.

I waved goodbye to them and have been holding down the fort by myself for a few hours.

Its wonderful.
I kind of forgot how much I love solitude.
You know, some people aren't comfortable with solitude, but, I need it.

So, I'm doing some simple things that I like to do.
I've caught up on some blogs & DVR'd stuff, watched a Netflix I've been saving, and now, I'm planning on reading a good book and heading to bed.

While I am able to do all of these things to recharge, I already can't wait to see them tomorrow afternoon:)
I hope that everyone else has a weekend in which you are able to RECHARGE:)

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