Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are tickled.......

We are thrilled!
We found out yesterday afternoon that we are expecting our 2nd baby boy!
Praise the Lord that everything looked great, healthy baby, healthy mama.

Now, we get to play the name game and make a few changes with our house....
As for the name, it will come from my side of the family this time around.
We have decided that its kind of hard to compete with the name, we are going for a simple name.  Its a good thing because my side is filled with good ol' simple names! 
When we were pregnant with Rutledge, we definitely knew we wanted to find out the gender...but we wanted to keep something secret.  So, we decided to keep his name a secret.
We thought it was fun...some family members did not;)

Anywho, we definitely wanted to know the gender again and we decided to mix things up a bit and tell the name.  However, we aren't going to tell names that we are "considering"....only the final name.  Everyone has an opinion and we just want to let his name be his name and that's it.

As for the changes in our home.
We have a guest room filled with some furniture that belonged to one of my bachelor great-uncles.
Its nothing fine but its great, heavy-duty *free* furniture.  However, the bed is a full-size bed.  I don't know if you have tried to sleep with your spouse in a full-size bed.....its a nightmare.
In walks more *free* furniture!!!
My grandmother gave me a set of twin beds that belonged to my namesake, my great-grandmother.
They too are nothing fine, but, they are very attractive and very serviceable!
Exactly what we need!
And, I think that a couple would be much more comfy on a set of twin beds than crammed in on a full.
I know we are;)

So, I am going to renovating this guest room on a budget!
We need to move furniture, paint, make drapes/bedding and buy decent twin mattresses.
I have plenty of artwork so I'm good on that front.  
I will definitely keep everyone posted on all aspects of my progress......

So, I hope that everyone is having a great week!
We sure are!


Sarah Barry said...

Congratulations! Two boys. SO fun.

Look forward to hearing the name!

I agree. I'd rather sleep in a twin than share a full with my spouse (no offense to him, of course).

Susannah said...

Yay, yay, yay! How exciting! Rutledge is going to be a great big brother!! And on the names front, I hear ya! We did the same thing!!