Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st Day of Preschool!

                        Rutledge started preschool at the Baptist "Church House" about 4 weeks ago.
He is loving it and having a wonderful time!
I was a little hesitant about having him away from me 3 mornings a week, but, it has been great for BOTH of us.  School starts @ 8:30 and ends @ 11:45 and this is the perfect amount of time for mama to accomplish any number of things but that usually include: workout, shower, grocery shop, Dr.'s appointments, hair appointments, etc.

Its nice to have a little time to myself during the week and its great for Rutledge to have a little life outside of our home and outside of me.  I think its going to be great for him to have his own outlet when the new baby arrives.  He someone to direct his activities and little friends that keep him BUSY!

Here are some pics from Rutledge's 1st day of P2!
In front of the front door.

In the driveway by mama's car.

Standing by the welcome sign!
Why he won't look at the camera, I don't know.

Standing by his good friend Janie Bess Caton.
Janie Bess and Rutledge are in Nursery together at our Church.
Her parents are Kevin and Perry Caton and we are all in the same Sunday School class.

I will close with this pic.....
The 1st day is always the hardest.
He got upset the 1st 3 times I dropped him off but after that it was smooth sailing!
He literally runs into his classroom and into his teachers arms.
I love it!

Over the weekends he has been known to say, "I want to go to school, mama!"

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