Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sick, again.

Strep throat, again.
We are officially cursed.
However, I'm thinking that maybe we didn't get a very bad strain of it because Bubba only had fever for 2 and a half days.
So, we went to see Dr. Jim yesterday morning and were prescribed another round of antibiotics.
My child has had more antibiotics in the last 4 months than he has had in his life.
But, what can you do?

Strep is Strep and you have to treat it.
The bad thing is, there are MANY strains of strep.
Looks like Bubba is the child that will test exactly how many times you can get strep in 1 year.
This is the 4th time...this year.
Dr. Jim just said to keep doing what I'm doing, like bleaching everything the child uses, sippy cups, sheets, blankets, toothbrush, etc.

Kids are kids, and they touch things, and other kids.
I am convinced, however, that the YMCA is a hotbed for sickness.
Dr. Jim confirmed this....he said crazy workout mamas will bring sick kids just so they can get their fitness on.
Well, no need to worry about that with this mama!
If the babe is sick, stay home!

So, we have been passing the time with our low energy Bubba.
We have spent lots of time watching these...
Muver found these for us in a John Deere dealership in Arkansas.
Bubba loves these dvd' does his Daddy;)

Speaking of Daddy, he has been doing an excellent job entertaining Bubba.
They have broken out the Doodle, aka Magna Doodle, several times.
This is Matt's artwork from last night.
Bubba told Daddy exactly what he wanted him to draw and here it is!

Please excuse the stain on Matt's your husbands sometimes do outside work in their undershirts?  The stains drive me nuts....especially the oil stains from the tractors.

So, I have just been nursing my sick child back to health and attempting to keep things straight around the homestead!

How is your week going?
Hopefully, better than ours;)


The Macons said...

Awww poor Bubs!!! I had strep at least 4 times a year when I was little then around 4th grade I just quit getting it, they turned into sinus infections instead! Come see us soon please! We can cook out and you can snuggle my big girl!

Erin Caden Rogers said...

I shall consult the calender! We are coming up on hunting season and football though... maybe we should meet @ MAC? Coordinate a camphouse cookin' and baby sleepover?