Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes, we are ALIVE;)

I feel like a slacker...I haven't posted since August 9th.
Oh, well, we have had a lot going on and sometimes, that's just how it is....

Rutledge started "school" last week.
I'll do a little post with pics about all that later.
He loves school and its really good for him to have a little life outside of the home and me.

He goes 3 mornings a week from 8:30-12 and its wonderful to have a little time to myself, although I miss him terribly.
Last year he went to Mothers Morning Out, 2 morning every week and it was a good way to get him used to going somewhere before we started his P2 class this year.  Its basically the same as MMO except they have actual "table time" with worksheets and a loose curriculum.  They do adhere to the same schedule each day which is wonderful for my little man child. 

He's had good reports so far with the exception of a little incident on the 1st day of school.....with a tractor.....let's just say that Bubba "hit" a little boy in the eye after the little boy "pushed" Rutledge after some tug-of-war with a tractor.
Not a good start on the first day at the Baptist Church House.
SOOO embaressing.

We went to Arkansas this weekend to visit with Uncle Bob, Muver's uncle, my great-uncle, Bubba's great-great uncle.  Because Uncle Bob is a lifelong bachelor and Muver is an only child, with no cousins on this side of the family, we are all that he has...I think Matt said it best yesterday when he said the we are "his legacy". 

It was definitely a blessing that we were all able to be together this weekend and spend some time with Uncle Bob because he has been diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma.  He is 86 years old and has been given, at best, 9 months to live.  When he found out last week, he only wanted to know if he would make it long enough to see "the baby", i.e., our addition.  Talk about heartbreaking.
So, we are hoping that he will make it to that goal.  Its not looking good though.

The positive is that Rutledge has gotten to know Uncle Bob very well in his short life.  His first visit to Arkansas was when he was 7 weeks old.  Talk about a rough trip!  Its about a 6 hour drive (that's without stopping) from Muvers house in Sheffield.  Muvers house is about 3 hours from our house.  Its quite the road trip.  Anywho, we have been able to get Rutledge up to Arkansas every few months since he was born.
Its been good for both Rutledge and Uncle Bob.   

Because I am expecting the new babe in January, I'm thinking I might be able to make it back to Arkansas 1 more time.  It makes me sad to think that we won't be able to see him more, but, we have to make the best out of the situation.

Muver will be driving up to be with him a few days each week until his time comes.
Talk about exhausting and heart wrenching for Muver.
She doesn't want him to be alone.
He doesn't want to come to Alabama.
He hasn't left the State of Arkansas since he went to war....WW2.
He fought at the Battle of the Bulge.

So, Uncle Bob's grim prognosis has been part of the reason for the lack of posting....We have all been a little down about that...But, I hope to be back on the bandwagon this week.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and that everyone has a great start to their week!

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The Macons said...

Get to blogging and call me THE MINUTE you find out! A text will do I guess! Can't wait to find out and y'all come see us!!