Monday, July 12, 2010

Ummmm, yeah. I have a blog....

So, if you are one of my 5 faithful readers;), you may have noticed that I haven't written a decent post in a while.....
I'm sorry, its just been hectic.
Sickness, heat, daytrips.
We are just beat!

Rutledge is going to accompany me to the North Country tomorrow.
Then, Wednesday, we head up to Arkansas (The Land of Opportunity), birthplace of Muver,  to see my grandmother and Great Uncle Bob.
Muver is an only child, so, all duty to the elderly falls on her shoulders.  Its a tough thing. 

Its Nana's birthday this weekend and she has "requested" a reception at The Wildflower, aka  "The Flower", the lovely retirement facility where she now resides.
Nana is quite bossy.
She has already ordered her own birthday cake to ensure that there are plenty of leftovers that she can take back to her "suite", where she will promptly put herself into a diabetic coma.

I'm not kidding. 
Nana is diabetic but doesn't take care of herself.
Her little freezer at the "Flower" is stocked with chocolate ice cream and cookies.
She once accused my sissy Amelia of "stealing" her Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.
It wasn't a pleasant thing....

So, Rutledge will get to hang out with Uncle Bob on his little farm while Muver and I throw together a reception.

On another note, I have been quite busy in the kitchen!
I have tons of new meal ideas and recipes to post....and I hope you like them!
I'm hoping to schedule some posts to pop up this week while I'm out of town.

So, thanks to everyone that has checked in on us.
Its been a rough several weeks, but, we are recovering and moving on!


Susannah said...

Hey girl, I hope you are doing well. :D I cannot wait to hear what you have been up to!
And I can't wait to hear about the cooking-your food makes me drool!

Sarah Barry said...

looking forward to hearing about the recipes!