Friday, July 2, 2010

There is a pox on our household....

A pox of the chicken variety.
My babe has the chicken pox.
And tonsilitis.
It ain't fun peeps.

I actually cried at the pediatricians office.
Rutledge was crying and I couldn't soothe him and so I came apart too.
Dr. Jim said that we were having a streak of bad luck but that it just happens.
I felt better after that.

Then, I cried on the phone to my mama.
Then, I cried to Matt.
Then, I cried some more with my babe.
I felt tons better after all that squallin' and coming apart.

All 3 of us got a good nights sleep last night.
That really helped.

So, our weekend plans have been canceled.
We will be enjoying the 4th at home.
We are bummed, but, ya' know what?
Everything is going to be ok.

It just will be!
We hope that everyone has a great, safe 4th of July weekend!

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