Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Scoop!

Ok, so, I've been keeping a little secret, well, its not a secret for some people, but in Facebook and Blogland, it was a secret.

Prego my Eggo, I'm 14 weeks pregnant with our 2nd babe!
We are thrilled!
I am srsly exhausted!

We found out while we were in DisneyWorld.
Kind of fitting....its the happiest place on earth and we got some happy news;)

Anywho, I don't have any real complaints....except the HEAT and I'm tired in the afternoons.
Praise the LORD, Bubba takes a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoons.  Because this is exactly the time of day that I just need to rest.

So, not only have I been slacking on the blog, I've been slacking at home.
Laundry has piled up, toys haven't been organized and picked up.
I've let things go longer than I normally would...I am a procrastinator by nature:)

Its been an adjustment, even bigger than being pregnant with Rutledge.
I am feeling tons better as I can see my way out of the 1st trimester.

So, I will keep you all posted on the details of the pregnancy, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I can't wait to find out the sex on August 31st!

I CAN wait to see this thing again....

The Medela Pump in Style, was essential to my breastfeeding success because I had an OVERSUPPLY of milk. 
There was a time when that pump was used after every single feeding.

So, I was a dedicated pumper for a few months, then, I really only used it when I was away from Bubba, which wasn't often. 

Everyone that has come in contact with me and my pump has been traumatized.
I realize this is way too much information, but, peeps, when you have a child attached to your bosom, some things cease to be personal.
Its natural.
The Lord intended it, therefore, I do it, and I TALK about it.
My hope is that I can encourage another mama to give breastfeeding a try!

Ok, so, back to the pregnancy.
I'm a little discouraged this go round because I'm already wearing a couple of maternity things...
With Rutledge, I didn't need maternity clothes until the 5/6 month mark.
My body has just changed.
I'm fine with it...its just different, that's all.

So, now everyone is in the loop!
Cousin Sarah, I hope you are happy;)
We can even play a little game...
What is the sex of Baby Rogers #2???
Matt and I both think its another boy....which thrills us of course.
A girl would thrill us as well.
We honestly do not care what we are given.
Healthy babe and healthy mama are all we ask!
The Chinese Birth Calander predicts we are having another boy and it was right on with Rutledge and with everyone else I know that has used it;)

Uncle Pep and Aunt Elisha are expecting a baby girl!!!
The first girl child for the Rogers' clan!
They found out on Monday morning and we think Uncle Pep is scared to death!
We are more than thrilled for them:)

Whatcha think about all this?
We have a lot going on!


The Macons said...

Yay!! Finally thank you!! I am soooo happy for ya'll and I am putting my money on a boy. I mean you live on a farm! It has got to be a boy!! I didn't know alisha and pep were having a girl! How exciting! Love ya'll!

christy ross said...


Is it weird that I miss the breastfeeding days? (but I definitely don't miss my Pump in Style!!)

And even though I always have a 50% chance of guessing baby's gender ... I'm always wrong. always.

Sarah Barry said...


I hear ya on everything you said. Hot, tired, already wearing maternity clothes, excited for baby, dreading the breast pump. Looking forward to hearing what you are having!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with the blogworld!

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Sarah, we def think boy too! Christy, I don't think its weird to miss your BF days at all! Its def something I mourned when it was over and I am anticipating beginning again! Sarah, so glad I have someone to commiserate with;)