Friday, July 23, 2010

Its time, Its finally time!!!

Its finally time

Our tickets arrived in an unmarked enveloped via old fashioned United States Postal Service.
Nothing fancy.

When you enter into the Roadshow ticket lottery, you can request a time slot for your tickets.
Of course, I requested the morning tickets.
Low and behold, I got em'!

So, Matt and I are making an event of it and I'm very pleased.
We will leave this afternoon and drop Bubba off in Lowndes County with our dear friends, the Vaughans.
He is very excited about spending the night with "da gurls".
The Vaughans have 3 sweet "gurls" that love them some.....
I can't blame them because I love me some Bubba too!

My 30th birthday is Monday, and, since we really celebrated that occasion along with our upcoming 5th anniversary in New England, I have no need for anything fancy.
My only request was seafood....lots of seafood.
So, after we drop off Rutledge, we are heading South on 65 and our objective is to eat supper on the Causeway.
So, we made a reservation at
Nothing fancy, just good food and live entertainment.

In the morning, we will drive over to Biloxi and see what the Roadshow is all about!

We are transporting 2 items to be appraised at the Roadshow.
The #1 item is 1 of the 4 antique chairs that Matt surprised me with for my birthday last year.
The #2 item is an antique Chinese tapestry that Matt's great-grandfather brought back from China at the turn of the 20th century.

So, we will find out if we have trash or treasure!
Maybe, we will meet the twins!

Anywho, we are both ready for a little together, sans Bubba, time.

We hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy and ready for the weekend!

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