Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Tomato recipe....

Ok, so this recipe isn't really mine.
Well, I modified it, so technically, I can call it my own;)

About a month ago, Matt's dad, Pop, tore his quadricep tendon.
He had to have surgery at Jackson Hospital to repair said tendon.
It took forever for his dad to get into surgery and around suppertime, Matt and his mom, Sweetie, were in need of a good meal and a good drink.

They headed over to Old Cloverdale and decided to pop into Sinclairs.
Matt ordered the fish tacos and a Sam Adams Summer Ale, Sweetie ordered the special, Tomato Stack and a Dirty Martini.
As soon as the plates were on the table, Matt realized he made the wrong choice.

He proceeded to call me during the meal and describe what was on his mama's plate.
I about DIED.

Pan-seared Beefsteak Tomatoes
Lump Crabmeat
Light Cream and Wine sauce

This is our version.

I made a traditional hollandaise....I know, I know.  But, Matt said he wasn't impressed with the sauce at the restaurant.

I pan seared the shrimp and scallops and then covered it with another plate to keep it warm.

Now, the superstar, my sliced tomatoes.  You should slice really thick, we didn't because our tomatoes weren't very big.  I would say that your slices should be at least an 1 1/2 inches thick, probably more along the lines of 2 inches.
Place the tomatoes in your skillet and cover with a thin layer of shredded parmesan cheese.
Now, broil.
But, watch it carefully.
You just want to melt the cheese and let it get a little crusty;)
Sidenote!  I used the time while the tomatoes were broiling to reheat my hollandaise over my double boiler!!!  Then, I added about 4 oz of lump crabmeat to my sauce....YUMMO.

Now, plate this masterpiece!

Add some seafood....

Then, sauce.

These servings look mighty polite.
After this photo was taken, we promptly loaded our plates with more seafood and devoured the whole thing.

Utterly divine and husband approved!
From my kitchen to yours!

Sidenote.  I would say that for appetizer or light meal served with salad and bread, count on 1 large shrimp, 1 scallop per person, along with 2 oz of lump crabmeat for the sauce.

For a heavier meal, we each had 6 shrimp and 4 scallops and I used 4 oz of lump crabmeat for the hollandaise.

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