Monday, June 21, 2010

Ode to Matt....

This post is one day belated, but, better late than never!

He not only loves us….he adores us.

He provides for us…but not just in the financial sense. He provides for us with his love and affection. Does that sentence even make sense? He is my partner in every sense of the word. He falls more in love with our child every single day…it makes me weepy just thinking about it;)

This past weekend was fun! We were able to get up Saturday morning and head out to the Montgomery Zoo. They have a new exhibit where you can stand on a platform and feed giraffes by hand! The best part…its only a dollar! They handed us ice cream cones filled with some kind of food and led us out onto the platform. We held out our cones and the giraffes just walked over! It was really neat!

Waiting for Mr. Giraffe to come over and eat!

He ate right out of Rutledge's hand!!!  How neat!

After our morning at the zoo, we headed over to Red Robin for a little hamburger lunch. Bubba and Daddy love burgers and Red Robin is definitely child friendly because its sooo loud! It was just something a little different and fun.

Sunday morning, I woke up extra early and started my prep work for Father’s Day. I had 3 meals to cook, 2 at home, 1 at the lake.

Rutledge gave Matt the card we made for him….they read it together.

Then, it was prize time!

Daddys loves his new Vasque shoes that Mama found on sale!!!

Bubba had to model Daddy’s size 12 prize!

Mid-morning, we headed over to the lake to Sweetie and Pop’s house. Of course, a little swimming was involved.

After swim time, I served lunch. After lunch everyone was ready for a nap!

Last night, the 3 of us just relaxed at home…watched a movie together, ate supper, went to bed. It was a good weekend.

Happy Father’s Day, Matt! You are a wonderful husband and daddy and we are all so lucky!


christy ross said...

Is he wearing a Puddle Jumper? do you like it? where did you get it, etc? I'm thinking about those for us.

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Hey! Yes, its a Puddle Jumper, purchased at Target. You can also get them at Academy. I like it ok, husband really likes it because he says that Bubba doesn't swallow as much water....I really just don't like the way it looks. Shallow, I know;) Its a hybrid life jacket, it is coast guard approved but its only approved if being worn, that's why its called a hybrid. He seems to be comfortable in it and likes it well enough. I would probably recomend it to others!

Susannah said...

Girl, you are one good wife! :D I hope you are doing well. Looks like you all had fun with the weekend festivities!