Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Egg on Toast

This meal has 3 ingredients.
Its great for breakfast, lunch or supper!

My favorite childhood breakfast.
Muver is a good cook.
This was one of her specialties that I continue to enjoy to this day.
I have changed it only slightly.

Start with a piece of wheat toast smeared with a little butter.
Next, add a fried egg with salt and pepper....over easy, please.
Its necessary to have the egg over easy because you want that yummy yolk to run all over your bread:)

Muver always poached the eggs for Egg on Toast.
Its really good that way, but, it takes a little more time and a fried egg definitely works!

The finished product!  YUMMY.

Matt enjoys this little concoction so much that we eat it for supper fairly regularly.
Serve with a light salad for a complete meal:)

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