Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have a habit.
A bad habit.
Well, technically, its not a "bad" habit.
I would consider a bad habit to be drinking too much, smoking, compulsive shopping.....
So, now I'm calling my habit "unattractive".

Matt cannot stand it...like, really can't stand it...to tell you how much he loathes my habit does not describe the reality of the situation.
I'm "not allowed" to "do this" in his presence....

I'm not allowed to watch...
Thank goodness we have a DVR.

Matt says its "absolute trash".
He's absolutely correct!
I completely agree!

But, its my thing.
I love reality tv
I love The Real Housewives.....
I like all of the reality shows produced by Bravo, but, I love the Real Housewives.

Now, for those of you who are not educated on this trash...
The concept started with The Real Housewives of Orange County...as in California.
They all pretty much live in lala land.
Some of these women have pre-existing friendships, a couple of the women were friends of original cast members and have had to get to know the other women.
So, there are lots of different personalities.
They all live above their means....which is a trainwreck to watch!
I take that back, 1 woman, Vicky, lived within her means...but she WORKS for it, like really works.
She sells insurance and appears to be darn good at her job.
However, she is so obsessed with money and material items that she burns the candle at both ends and seems to think that the more she can provide for her family, the happier they and she will be...its unfortunate, but interesting to watch.

These ladies, as a whole, love to dress in slutty tops (they even call their tops, "skank tops"), dresses that are too short, and tight clothes.  They love to use the word, "Class". 
I love it when they use that word.
I don't think that anyone should EVER use the words, "Class" or "Classy".  
Its just too much.

Here is an image of these "ladies"...
They have just finished their 4th season...I'm getting tired of them, but, I will still watch;)
Sorry if these image is a little blurry:(

After 1 season, Bravo knew that had struck gold.
Reality tv gold.

They quickly assembled a cast in New York City.
Take it to the streets, Bravo!
There was no way in HELL that I wasn't going to be plugged into THAT!

The Real Housewives of NYC are a diverse group of women.
There is a even a member of "royalty" in the cast.
Well, she has a "royal" title that she was able to keep even after the divorce from her "royal" husband.
These women are all hard working, professional women that are also heavily involved in charity work.
I like this about the cast.
Even though charity work in NYC is the biggest competitive arena in the WORLD.
Its a game you cannot keep up with...there is a charity for EVERYTHING.
I really think its all a big excuse for people to have their name in the papers and to have big parties.
At least less fortunate people are benefitting from this frivolity.

What is so absolutely amusing about this cast is that they are extremely concerned with social perception and their places in NYC society.
Which is so very ironic to me...
Because no actual member of NYC "Society" would EVER participate in a television show.
Well, they might participate in a PBS production.
They really need to face the reality that they are the "nouveau riche" of NYC "Society".
The "Real" NYC "Society" has been on the island of Manhattan since it was first settled.
No one else is allowed in...Caroline Astor made sure of this...
It really is comical.
They have just finished their 3rd season.
Here they are...
Again, sorry for the blurry pic!

 Soon after NYC came on the scene, it was time to bring in some "Southern Flavor".
Ironically, none of the ladies on this show are "Southern".
It shows.

This ensemble is the absolute WORST of the 4.  Two members of the cast are associated with professional athletes which brings an interesting perspective on that profession. 
There is lots of weave pulling, name calling, and ghetto drama going on in Atlanta.
A lot of money is thrown around as well as some shady "business" dealings.
Its intriguing to say the least.
I just love how they love the "Classy" word just like the OC gals!
They love the word so much that they use it in every episode along with their ghetto language and tacky behavior.
Its a FABULOUS trainwreck.
This is Matt's least favorite of the 4 shows.
I think it has to do with the weave pulling and ghetto drama;)

Here are the lovely "Southern Belles"....
They have just finished their 3rd season.

The 4th cast in this remarkable series is from the beautiful state of New Jersey.
The Real Housewives of New Jersery are AMAZING.
This is Matt's particular "favorite"...
I forced him to sit through last years season finale...
There was an actual table flip.
All of these ladies are Italian and have big hair, big families, (some with rumored mafia connections), big mouths and big houses!
I just love how they "clan" up with each other and protect one another.

Here they are!
In the middle of their 2nd season!

I know that there are people out there that truly believe they are above this type of entertainment.
These people consider most television to be "mindless" entertainment.
I have actual hobbies to amuse myself.
I consider myself pretty intelligent.
But, I don't consider this "mindless" entertainment.
I consider it to quite possibly be the greatest social experiment of all time...and its TELEVISED for all of us to see!
Its exciting!

A great thing about this show is that you can see fashion at its best and at its worst! The NYC gals know how to dress.  They also know the difference between clothing that is fitted and clothing that is too tight!  Well, they all know except Ramona.  The New Jersey gals have 2 women that dress appropriately for their figures, Caroline and Dena.  Everyone else in all 4 casts dresses horribly!!!  Its great to see;)

So, if you haven't considered indulging in this trainwreck...jump on the bandwagon!
Its the guilty pleasure that NO ONE talks about.
The only people I can discuss this with are Marianne, Sessy and Muver.

So, I have let the cat out of the bag and let you all know what I'm doing while folding our laundry.
I'm not even embarressed.
But, Matt sure is;)

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Marianne said...

LOVE the housewives!! What did we watch before Bravo?