Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to the norm

After being on the road for what seems like FOREVER, we are home:)
I am happy to be home.
I love being home.
Bubba loves being home as well.

Look what we heard this morning.
It was Mr. Winnfred!!!

That's right people.  Its hay cuttin' time! 
Otherwise known as, Bubba's favorite time of year....why, you ask?
Because he gets to see working tractors every day of the week.

Our hay is cut about 3 times a year...sometimes 4, depending on rain.
Mr. Winnfred is a local farmer that leases fields from "The Farm" to grow his crops...usually cotton and corn and I think sometimes soybeans.  Its a nice arrangement for Winnfred because he gets free hay for his animals and its a nice arrangement for us because "The Farm" doesn't have to fool with all of the necessary (pricey) equipment needed for hay cutting and bailing.  Plus, it takes a lot of time to deal with hay and we don't have any large animals that require hay.

The first day they cut.
Then it sits for a few days to dry.
Then, the tractors come back to fluff the hay which airs it out and helps it dry.
Another day, the tractors come back to rake the hay.
On the last couple of days, the tractors bale the hay.

Its a several day process.

Which means there is gonna be a lot of this going on...

Its good to be back:)

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