Friday, June 25, 2010

Bubba goes to the Picture Show!

It was our biggest experiment yet...
We figured, worst case scenario, we would have to leave the theatre about halfway through the show.
On the evening of Father's Day, we were enjoying a relaxing evening at home.
Matt had randomly DVR'd Toy Story 2 the week before.
We decided to turn it on and see what happened.


So, we talked about taking him the movie theatre to try our luck.
Toy Story 3 is playing.
We were nervous though....
Then, Uncle Pep said that they were going to watch it too.
So, we just said, to heck with it!
We are going to give it a shot!

Did you know that at the Carmike Promenade Cinema 12 in Prattville they have something called "Stimulus Tuesdays"?
I have known about this little secret for a long time....
$1 small popcorn
$1 small coke
Isn't that a GREAT DEAL???

Anywho, we met Uncle Pep, Aunt Elisha and Cousin Clayton at the theatre for the 6:15 show.

While we waited for the movie to start, Daddy and Rutledge drove a race car!

We found great seats.
Each crew sat on the aisle, in case we needed an emergency exit;)

Clayton was sooooo excited!
A pic of everyone in their 3D glasses!

Rutledge sat in this position for 1 hour and 45 minutes....
Then, he walked between our seats for about 15 minutes, which was fine.
He ended up in my lap for the last 20 minutes of the movie.

He LOVED it!
Both little boys LOVED it!

Here is a pic of them driving the race cars before we left.

Cute boys!
A fun family evening!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Its a Beaut! Tomato Pie...

This is not a recipe that can be modified into a low-calorie version.
It just wouldn't be any good.

The ingredients are very simple.
1.    1 deep dish pre-baked pie crust (I find mine in the freezer section of the grocery store)
2.    Tomatoes, I used 4 small tomatoes and a handful of grape tomatoes from my garden, use your best   
       judgement and wing it;)
3.    A handful of basil, about 15-20 leaves, stems removed
4.    3/4 cup REAL mayonaise, you all know I love Dukes;)
5.    3/4 cup shredded parmesan
6.    3/4 cup shredded provolone (I know that provolone comes sliced, but you can easily roll up about        4 slices and shred it up!)
7.    3 slices of provolone (for the bottom of your crust)

First things first!
Get a couple layers of paper towels down.
Slice your tomatoes...I don't know exactly how thick, but probably around 1/4 inch.
Place your slices on the paper towels.
Sprinkle with pepper and a tiny bit of salt.
You want your tomatoes to release some of their water so your pie doesn't become watery.
After about 10 minutes, flip your maters'!
Sprinkle with pepper only.
Leave for at least another 10 minutes.

While the maters' are workin'...
Mix up your mayonnaise and shredded cheeses.
Take your basil and tuck all of the leaves into each other...
Then take your scissors and snip, snip, snip!
Right on top of the mayonnaise and cheese mixture, then mix it up!

You want to take your 3 slices of Provolone and put them in the bottom of your pre-baked deep dish pie crust.

Now, you can start layering!

Start with your maters'!
Then, "ice" that layer with half of the mayo/cheese/basil mix
Your final layer will be the mayo/cheese/basil mix.

It will look like this....

Bake at 375 for about 30-40 minutes
until it looks like heaven

Now, this is important!
Let it rest!!!

I would say, about 20-30 minutes.
Then, slice it up!

Now, this is a very rich dish.
So, watch it;)

I hope y'all enjoy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have a habit.
A bad habit.
Well, technically, its not a "bad" habit.
I would consider a bad habit to be drinking too much, smoking, compulsive shopping.....
So, now I'm calling my habit "unattractive".

Matt cannot stand, really can't stand tell you how much he loathes my habit does not describe the reality of the situation.
I'm "not allowed" to "do this" in his presence....

I'm not allowed to watch...
Thank goodness we have a DVR.

Matt says its "absolute trash".
He's absolutely correct!
I completely agree!

But, its my thing.
I love reality tv
I love The Real Housewives.....
I like all of the reality shows produced by Bravo, but, I love the Real Housewives.

Now, for those of you who are not educated on this trash...
The concept started with The Real Housewives of Orange in California.
They all pretty much live in lala land.
Some of these women have pre-existing friendships, a couple of the women were friends of original cast members and have had to get to know the other women.
So, there are lots of different personalities.
They all live above their means....which is a trainwreck to watch!
I take that back, 1 woman, Vicky, lived within her means...but she WORKS for it, like really works.
She sells insurance and appears to be darn good at her job.
However, she is so obsessed with money and material items that she burns the candle at both ends and seems to think that the more she can provide for her family, the happier they and she will be...its unfortunate, but interesting to watch.

These ladies, as a whole, love to dress in slutty tops (they even call their tops, "skank tops"), dresses that are too short, and tight clothes.  They love to use the word, "Class". 
I love it when they use that word.
I don't think that anyone should EVER use the words, "Class" or "Classy".  
Its just too much.

Here is an image of these "ladies"...
They have just finished their 4th season...I'm getting tired of them, but, I will still watch;)
Sorry if these image is a little blurry:(

After 1 season, Bravo knew that had struck gold.
Reality tv gold.

They quickly assembled a cast in New York City.
Take it to the streets, Bravo!
There was no way in HELL that I wasn't going to be plugged into THAT!

The Real Housewives of NYC are a diverse group of women.
There is a even a member of "royalty" in the cast.
Well, she has a "royal" title that she was able to keep even after the divorce from her "royal" husband.
These women are all hard working, professional women that are also heavily involved in charity work.
I like this about the cast.
Even though charity work in NYC is the biggest competitive arena in the WORLD.
Its a game you cannot keep up with...there is a charity for EVERYTHING.
I really think its all a big excuse for people to have their name in the papers and to have big parties.
At least less fortunate people are benefitting from this frivolity.

What is so absolutely amusing about this cast is that they are extremely concerned with social perception and their places in NYC society.
Which is so very ironic to me...
Because no actual member of NYC "Society" would EVER participate in a television show.
Well, they might participate in a PBS production.
They really need to face the reality that they are the "nouveau riche" of NYC "Society".
The "Real" NYC "Society" has been on the island of Manhattan since it was first settled.
No one else is allowed in...Caroline Astor made sure of this...
It really is comical.
They have just finished their 3rd season.
Here they are...
Again, sorry for the blurry pic!

 Soon after NYC came on the scene, it was time to bring in some "Southern Flavor".
Ironically, none of the ladies on this show are "Southern".
It shows.

This ensemble is the absolute WORST of the 4.  Two members of the cast are associated with professional athletes which brings an interesting perspective on that profession. 
There is lots of weave pulling, name calling, and ghetto drama going on in Atlanta.
A lot of money is thrown around as well as some shady "business" dealings.
Its intriguing to say the least.
I just love how they love the "Classy" word just like the OC gals!
They love the word so much that they use it in every episode along with their ghetto language and tacky behavior.
Its a FABULOUS trainwreck.
This is Matt's least favorite of the 4 shows.
I think it has to do with the weave pulling and ghetto drama;)

Here are the lovely "Southern Belles"....
They have just finished their 3rd season.

The 4th cast in this remarkable series is from the beautiful state of New Jersey.
The Real Housewives of New Jersery are AMAZING.
This is Matt's particular "favorite"...
I forced him to sit through last years season finale...
There was an actual table flip.
All of these ladies are Italian and have big hair, big families, (some with rumored mafia connections), big mouths and big houses!
I just love how they "clan" up with each other and protect one another.

Here they are!
In the middle of their 2nd season!

I know that there are people out there that truly believe they are above this type of entertainment.
These people consider most television to be "mindless" entertainment.
I have actual hobbies to amuse myself.
I consider myself pretty intelligent.
But, I don't consider this "mindless" entertainment.
I consider it to quite possibly be the greatest social experiment of all time...and its TELEVISED for all of us to see!
Its exciting!

A great thing about this show is that you can see fashion at its best and at its worst! The NYC gals know how to dress.  They also know the difference between clothing that is fitted and clothing that is too tight!  Well, they all know except Ramona.  The New Jersey gals have 2 women that dress appropriately for their figures, Caroline and Dena.  Everyone else in all 4 casts dresses horribly!!!  Its great to see;)

So, if you haven't considered indulging in this trainwreck...jump on the bandwagon!
Its the guilty pleasure that NO ONE talks about.
The only people I can discuss this with are Marianne, Sessy and Muver.

So, I have let the cat out of the bag and let you all know what I'm doing while folding our laundry.
I'm not even embarressed.
But, Matt sure is;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ode to Matt....

This post is one day belated, but, better late than never!

He not only loves us….he adores us.

He provides for us…but not just in the financial sense. He provides for us with his love and affection. Does that sentence even make sense? He is my partner in every sense of the word. He falls more in love with our child every single day…it makes me weepy just thinking about it;)

This past weekend was fun! We were able to get up Saturday morning and head out to the Montgomery Zoo. They have a new exhibit where you can stand on a platform and feed giraffes by hand! The best part…its only a dollar! They handed us ice cream cones filled with some kind of food and led us out onto the platform. We held out our cones and the giraffes just walked over! It was really neat!

Waiting for Mr. Giraffe to come over and eat!

He ate right out of Rutledge's hand!!!  How neat!

After our morning at the zoo, we headed over to Red Robin for a little hamburger lunch. Bubba and Daddy love burgers and Red Robin is definitely child friendly because its sooo loud! It was just something a little different and fun.

Sunday morning, I woke up extra early and started my prep work for Father’s Day. I had 3 meals to cook, 2 at home, 1 at the lake.

Rutledge gave Matt the card we made for him….they read it together.

Then, it was prize time!

Daddys loves his new Vasque shoes that Mama found on sale!!!

Bubba had to model Daddy’s size 12 prize!

Mid-morning, we headed over to the lake to Sweetie and Pop’s house. Of course, a little swimming was involved.

After swim time, I served lunch. After lunch everyone was ready for a nap!

Last night, the 3 of us just relaxed at home…watched a movie together, ate supper, went to bed. It was a good weekend.

Happy Father’s Day, Matt! You are a wonderful husband and daddy and we are all so lucky!

Blog Vacation......

Have you ever needed a vacation from your life?
Umm, yeah.
I kind of needed still need a break!

We have been on 3 major trips in 8 weeks.
Rutledge has had a major sinus infection and strep throat in those 8 weeks.

Don't get me wrong...I have had a wonderful time on our trips.  We have made some great memories and had some great experiences!  But, its time to SETTLE down.

Last week, Bubba was up in the middle of the night a couple of times last week with vomiting, fever....strep throat.  It wasn't good for my morale! 

We now seem to be on the road to recovery.
I was able to get back to the gym this morning.
That helps A LOT!

I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on!  I have gotten lots of texts, emails, FB messages wondering what in the world was keeping me from The Blog;)  It makes me feel loved...and that people are actually interested in our crazy life.

Love to everyone.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the road again!

Bubba and I are on the road again!
This time we are headed to "The North Country"!
I'll be back to blogging when we get back!

Hope everyone has a splendid rest of the week:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Egg on Toast

This meal has 3 ingredients.
Its great for breakfast, lunch or supper!

My favorite childhood breakfast.
Muver is a good cook.
This was one of her specialties that I continue to enjoy to this day.
I have changed it only slightly.

Start with a piece of wheat toast smeared with a little butter.
Next, add a fried egg with salt and pepper....over easy, please.
Its necessary to have the egg over easy because you want that yummy yolk to run all over your bread:)

Muver always poached the eggs for Egg on Toast.
Its really good that way, but, it takes a little more time and a fried egg definitely works!

The finished product!  YUMMY.

Matt enjoys this little concoction so much that we eat it for supper fairly regularly.
Serve with a light salad for a complete meal:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to the norm

After being on the road for what seems like FOREVER, we are home:)
I am happy to be home.
I love being home.
Bubba loves being home as well.

Look what we heard this morning.
It was Mr. Winnfred!!!

That's right people.  Its hay cuttin' time! 
Otherwise known as, Bubba's favorite time of year....why, you ask?
Because he gets to see working tractors every day of the week.

Our hay is cut about 3 times a year...sometimes 4, depending on rain.
Mr. Winnfred is a local farmer that leases fields from "The Farm" to grow his crops...usually cotton and corn and I think sometimes soybeans.  Its a nice arrangement for Winnfred because he gets free hay for his animals and its a nice arrangement for us because "The Farm" doesn't have to fool with all of the necessary (pricey) equipment needed for hay cutting and bailing.  Plus, it takes a lot of time to deal with hay and we don't have any large animals that require hay.

The first day they cut.
Then it sits for a few days to dry.
Then, the tractors come back to fluff the hay which airs it out and helps it dry.
Another day, the tractors come back to rake the hay.
On the last couple of days, the tractors bale the hay.

Its a several day process.

Which means there is gonna be a lot of this going on...

Its good to be back:)

The Beach

Matt's parents, Robin and Steve, have been married for 40 years.
Happy Anniversary Sweetie and Pop!
About 2 months ago, they told us that for their anniversary, they wanted all three of their children, respective spouses and children to join them at Uncle Rut and Aunt Jo's condo in Orange Beach.
I must admit, I was a little apprehensive.
That's 8 adults and 3 toddlers.
In one condo.
Its a pretty big condo though....3 bedrooms, 3 baths, fold-out sofa.
I was still NERVOUS.

We all (well, all except Dashiell's husband, who arrived Friday evening) arrived Wednesday afternoon and left Sunday morning.
It was fun but hectic:)

Here are a few pics from the trip!

I think he was digging to China;)

Working with Sweetie.

Of course, it just isn't possible to get all 3 boys in a decent pic....Rutledge is looking at his hands and saying, "What happened?"  He didn't understand why the sand was sticking to him;)  I think this is still a cute pic though:)

That is Cousin Campbell (son of Matt's sister Dashiell) on the left.  He is 8 weeks younger than Rutledge.

Rutledge swimming to Daddy!
We were SO impressed with Bubba's "natural" swimming ability this summer:)
He just took to kicking and made things happen!

Aunt Elisha, Cousin Clayton and Uncle Pep!

Aunt Dashiell, Cousin Campbell and Uncle Norman

Clayton jumping to Uncle Matt!

Rutledge standing on Daddy's hands!

How did my baby's face change so fast? 
He is beautiful:)

We had lots of "crammed in together" fun!

Monday, June 7, 2010

WDW part 2

Tuesday morning brought the same routine as Monday morning except Matt was able to leave his meeting a little early;) With the boss man’s persmission, of course! During Matt’s first meeting, Rutledge and I headed over to Downtown Disney to meet my friend, Megan Poag Peckham and her daughter Cate who is 3 days older than Rutledge! Megan is from Sheffield and we were high school friends and it was great seeing her on her new “turf”.
Just look at her daughter….
Can we say Amazon Woman?
Srsly, this girl is TALL! A whole head taller than my Bubba! Needless to say, the baby girls daddy is tall…like real tall. The kids were able to ride a carousel and miniature train and just hang out while the mama’s talked. It made for a nice morning. Thanks Megan and Cate for hanging out with us! We hope to see y’all in a few weeks when y’all head up this way!

Matt met us in Downtown Disney and we loaded up and headed over to the Magic Kingdom….this time, on the right bus. The only thing we didn’t realize is that bc Downtown Disney is a public place, ( it has no admission and the general public can walk around and enjoy the shops and restaurants), the Disney buses won’t take you directly to the parks from that particular location. I guess they don’t want people that aren’t staying on the resorts to use the free transportation to and from the parks. Anywho, we took a bus to the Contemporary Resort and hopped on the monorail from there. Yet another mode of transporation my child was THRILLED about.

We walked through those “Magical” gates and hopped right on the train that takes you through the entire park. We got off in Mickey’s Toontown, I think. It promptly began to rain. The rain lasted about 15 minutes and really cooled things off, which was delightful. We walked around Toontown and toured Mickey’s Playhouse then walked to Fantasyland with every intention of riding either Peter Pan’s Flight or Dumbo….We took one look at the lines and at the Fast Pass times and decided the hour long wait just wasn’t worth it for a 2 year old. We then walked over the It’s a Small World and the wait was only 5 minutes. Rutledge saw the boats and went nuts. We boarded our boat and the ride began, it was perfect for a 2 year old.

I think this face says it all.

After our ride, we got a little snack and walked over to Cinderella’s Castle.
 Guess who showed up for a little show? Mickey of course!
We watched Mickey and his dancers for about 10 minutes and then headed to Main Street USA in search of mouse ears that we could have embroidered with Bubba’s name. We quickly found the shop and chose the classic style ears and classic embroidery. $15 later, we had a 15 minute wait and we walked next door to the candy store where a very friendly worker gave Rutledge a very special treat!

Two marshmellows on a stick, dipped in white chocolate then covered in sprinkles.
Toddler heaven.
We walked outside to enjoy the treat, sat down on a bench and not 5 minutes after sitting, this came right by! How fun! Rutledge loved the band and his treat…

After the mini parade, we picked up our Mickey ears and were on our way back to the Yacht Club for pool time!
His ears:)

After pool time we headed back to our room to get ready for date night. Our Disney Sitter, Felicia, came back and we headed over to Epcot to enjoy some time together. Apparently, you have to book about 6 months in advance to get into any decent restaurants on the resort. I wasn’t expecting much when I was attempting to make a reservation, I just took what we could get for the time slot. We “dined” at Les Chefs de France. It was ok. The wine, champagne, bread, and dessert were good…the rest was ok, but, its not like we were expecting a Michelin Star or anything. Our waitress was great.

Anywho, after supper, we headed over to Boardwalk Disney. Destination, Jelly Rolls, a dueling piano bar. It was fun, we drank a few beers and sang a few songs and then headed back to the room.

Wednesday was spent in Epcot. We were able to accomplish several activities! First, we headed over to “The Land”. We took a boat ride that traveled through Disney’s experimental gardens. This was really cool and we all enjoyed the experience…the best part…it’s a continuous ride, like “It’s a Small World”. We had to wait like 5 minutes to board. After this ride we watched a nature, circle of life film hosted by Simba. Another great time filler. Then, we ate a little lunch in the massive food court. I think it was called Seasons. I chose this food court because they had lots of options. Matt had an Italian sandwich on Foccacia and I had a grilled veggie and goat cheese sandwich on flatbread, Bubba shared between the two. It was a pretty good food court and from what I've read, its the best quick service eatery on the entire resort.

After lunch, we loaded up and walked over to “The Seas”. There were a couple of things to do with Bubba involving Nemo. He has no idea who Nemo is but it was fun. We took a clam shell ride through an aquarium. The extra bit was that there were some virtual effects reflected in the aquarium. This was another continuous ride. After our Nemo clam shell ride, we walked over to Crush’s area and had “Turtle Time Talk with Crush”. Rutledge was too young for this but it was fun watching the other children “talk” to Crush (from Nemo).

We spent a little more time walking around Epcot before we headed back for pool time;)

Do you see a pattern here? We quickly figured out that a 3 hour maximum in the park was enough for all 3 of us. It was great that Matt had meetings in the mornings because it truly limited our time in the parks. We also knew that we needed some wind down/cool off time in the late afternoons. So, we headed to the parks in time for lunch and stayed for about 3 hours. It just worked. If we are able to go back with older children, I would probably head into the parks around 9 (when they open) and stay until around 2pm and then head back for R&R. Another bonus, you can take your own drinks and snacks inside the park. I had heard rumors that this was NOT allowed. But, we were able to take in sippy cups, juice boxes, water bottles, Goldfish snacks, etc. in our backpack. This REALLY saved money. We simply refilled our water bottles at the water fountains.

Wednesday evening held our conventions finale. Supper was served outdoors in the Yacht Club’s Marina, complete with characters, live music and a balloon guy. After supper, we were escorted to Epcot where we were treated to a beautiful dessert buffet on a private viewing platform in the France section of Epcot. We had the best view in the house to watch the fireworks! It was awesome!

This is the position that Rutledge was in before the fireworks began...
Huddled in Mr. Tra's arms.

Then he heard the sound of this....

And woke right up to watch.

He then became obsessed with the fiber optic toy that Mr. Tra bought for him...
He loved it so much his eyes crossed looking at it:)

Our family pic following the fireworks.

It was a great trip and we feel so blessed that we were able to spend this time together in the "Happiest Place on Earth"!