Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You have no idea.....

We had it all planned.
That should have been the first clue that SOMETHING would go wrong.
Well, it did.
Goodness, I'm exhausted, but, I must get some of this out now, so that I'm not completely overwhelmed when we get home tomorrow.

Our journey to Orlando began VERY early Sunday 3:00 a.m. early.  Matt and I are get up and go peeps.  If at all possibly, we prefer arriving places early, organizing our room/luggage, and just get our bearings.  So, we decided to fly out of Birmingham on the 6:30 a.m. flight to Atlanta and then connect to Orlando around 12:30 p.m.  Sounds great, right?  We get there around lunchtime, we don't have to check-in with our conference until 5:30 p.m.  In theory, it was a wonderful idea.

However, we didn't count on having WAY too much fun at Sigga's wedding Saturday night...We knew we would have fun...we just didn't realize that we would get so caught up in the drinks and dancin' ;)   It was a gorgeous wedding and a fantastic party! 
Congratulations to the Sigga and Jeremy!

So, too many drinks and dances later, we brought it on back to Muver's house and crashed.  Well, Matt crashed.  I was too wired to sleep....I hate when that happens!  I was up at 2:45 organizing some things and Matt decided to get up and ready as well.  We dressed Rutledge, packed him in the car and administered his last dose of antibiotic....this is key....

As Matt and I are loading the car, he informs me that he, "doesn't feel good" and that he's "gonna need you to drive."  Wonderful.  I haven't slept and now I have to drive almost 2 hours to the airport.
It was a great start to the trip.

We hit the interstate in Cullman an hour later and both boys were sound asleep.

I was jolted out of my driving transe by the sound of Rutledge gagging....then vomiting, 3 times....all over himself and the carseat.  Matt is also woken by those horrible sounds, turns his head, closes his eyes and starts gagging.

So, I turn my flashers on and pull over on the shoulder of 65South, we were just outside of was 5:15, our flight was at 6:30.  We had about 20 minutes of drive time left as well as parking, check-in, etc.  I was starting to get nervous.

As I pulled over, I was telling Matt what I needed him to do to help me get things back together.  As I openend the drivers door to get out of the Tahoe, it started to roll.....Matt then yelled for me to, "PUT IT IN PARK!"  Disaster averted.

We get to the passenger side of the rear door and open it up to asses the situation.
Its bad.  Real bad.
Matt pulled Rutledge out of the carseat and started gagging again.
I told him that I would handle Rutledge and that he should handle the carseat cleanup.

I stripped the babe down, wiped him down with wet wipes and Chic-Fil-A napkins, and put him in the front seat of the Tahoe and told him not to drive off.

I took his precious seersucker overalls and contained that situation in a gallon size Ziploc bag (of which I ALWAYS travel with several).  I decided to throw that in our carryon luggage because I knew I could rinse it out in the hotel room and hopefully save the outfit.  Four days in a ziploc in a hot car would have made a biohazard.

Meanwhile, Matt was "handling" the carseat.
At first, it doesn't seem that bad....Matt starts wiping things up.  But then, he realized that all of the "liquid" was underneath the carseat cover. 
Evidently, Rutledge had not digested the liquids he had ingested first thing that morning.  He had about a half sippy cup of milk followed by a half sippy cup of water with a little lemonaide mixed in....I don't think I need to go any farther with a visual.

He pulled out the carseat and then removed the carseat cover.  If any of you have a Britax, you know this can be a little tricky because of the straps.
All during the removal, Matt is gagging.
With lots of force.

Rutlege hears his Daddy gagging and then begins to make fun of Daddy by mimicing the gagging....I couldn't help by laugh...really hard;)
It was just too surreal!

Then, Matt became "ill" and Rutledge proceeded to laugh at his Daddy and follow up with more fake gagging.

After Matt's "incident", he "manned up" and continued with his cleanup duty.

I didn't have a towel in the car...something I will start keeping in my vehicle.
We had to line the carseat with a pair of Rutledge's pajamas.
It worked.

About 20 minutes after the initial gagging by Rutledge, we were back on the road.

We arrived at the airport and Matt deposited Rutledge and I at curbside check-in.  I had intended to get our luggage checked in and get our boarding passes, etc., while he parked the car. 
Didn't exactly happen that way.

As soon as Matt pulled away from the curb, Rutledge vomited again.
Thank goodness I had packed 2 extra outfits in our carryon luggage.

Remember, I had all of our luggage, carryon luggage, toddler in a stroller...everything!
I had to clean him up, curbside.
Matt came back, we dragged everything down the curb and checked went fine, boarding went fine.

Both flights were great!
We have a great traveler on our hands:)
He told everyone on both flights, "Hello, people!", "Bye, people!"
Quite the entertainer;)

Here is a pic of our happy camper.

We decided that the vomiting was induced because I had given him that last dose of antibiotic on an empty stomach.
I can't believe I did that to my baby:(
I had the best of intentions but didn't think about his empty tummy.
Note to self and other mamas:
Give the babe something to put on his stomach before antibiotics
At home, I had always made sure he had his morning milk cup before his dose.
I just wasn't thinking.
Lesson learned.

More to come!
I just had to get the 1st leg of the journey out there!
We are having a blast!!!

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Marianne said...

Well, the good news is that it can't possibly get worse! Ya'll be safe and have a great time!! Tell Megan I said hello.