Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tractor Pull, part 2

I thought these little metal tractors were too cute!

We saw lots of antique tractors!

I loved how the little old men had their folding chairs in front on their tractors:)

Then, it was time for the main event...the tractor pull!
Matt and I had never been to a tractor pull before so this was a new experience for all of us:)
This is the announcers tent.

This is a pic of Mr. John Carter, a bank customer.  If you are in the need of landscaping and or sod services, don't hesitate to look him up!  http://www.carterlandscaping.com/.  This pic was taken when John was backing his tractor up to the huge thing he had to pull.

I thought it was hilarious that there was a man riding on the trailer....with his arms crossed;)

Mr. John got goin' and sailed right on by!

When he drove by, I realized that there was not 1 but 2 men riding on that trailer!  See the guy on the very end?

My child was mesmerized....he was also very sleepy at this point in the day.
Daddy and Bubba.

Uncle Pep and Clayton.
I think the big boys were as happy as the little boys to be watching the tractors;)

We let Bubba walk back to our tent and he stopped by some other peeps tent because they had some bluegrass playin'!  He started dancin'...
He feels the music!!!

My sweet boy.

There was a lot of sitting around and waitin' going on until the judge's results were announced.

Excuse me?  Why is he so adorable? 
There was a lot of smoochin' going on....

                     Clayton brought out his prize from Bass Pro Shops....lime green rubber worms.
Guess who wanted to play with some?  Guess who wasn't givin' em' up?
Rutledge was hollerin', "Green Beans, play with Green Beans!"
I guess he associates long green things with green beans!

He managed to swipe one before long;)

That's one tired Bubba.

                                     It was a splendid day at the Tractor Pull and BBQ Cookoff!

We won 1st place in CHICKEN!!!!
Whoop Whoop:)

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