Monday, May 10, 2010

It couldn't have been more perfect.

A beautiful weekend to celebrate the best job in the world.
Its totally commercialized.
But, I don't care.

Because even though my husband takes on a full share of household responsibilities and child-rearing.....its still nice when he surprises me with breakfast:)
It was totally yummy.  He broke out the Joy of Cooking....for his pancake recipe.  But he added some of last summers blueberries we had in the freezer:)  The other things on the menu were homefries (made with leftover baked potatoes from Friday night) and bacon.  Way to CARB it up for Mama's Day;)
We all made happy plates.

It was a great weekend filled with......

Shandy's, of course;)
  I was soooo very happy when I discovered my new favorite beer @ Publix on Friday morning.  I picked up two sixers'!  ***Note, you must put this beer on ice to get the full experience.

A very special Bubba:)
Srsly, could I have birthed a more precious child if I had tried?

And my baby's daddy;)
Yes, he is as in love with Bubba as I am.....he is an unbelievable daddy.
But this post isn't about Father's Day!!
Its about Mama's Day!

It was simple and wonderful.
I know the light is crazy in and my hair looks funky and Bubba is eating a chip, but I don't care!  This was taken on our sunset boatride at the end of Mama's Day.

We hope everyone had a great Mama's Day! 

Btw, I will follow up later with why my child has a huge boo-boo on his forhead.  Let's just say that falling off a porch into a scrap woodpile was involved......

Happy Monday! 

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