Friday, May 21, 2010

I can't help but braaagggg.

                                      So, my favorite TV show is Antiques Roadshow on PBS.
I know.
You may ask, aren't you too young to be into that kind of thing?
I was born an old lady.

So, last summer I went nuts over these chairs I found in an antique shop in Perry County, more specifically, E. Earl's Antiques, Marion, AL.

There were 4 of them and I really really really wanted em'
I came home talking these chairs UP.
The best husband in the WORLD calls Ms. Earl and goes into negotiations.
He bought them for my 29th birthday and surprised me with them....
I walked into the house one afternoon and they were set up!
I screamed....a lot.

So, this is what we know about the chairs, information from Ms. E. Earl.
1.  Chairs are circa 1840
2.  Chairs are in the Gothic style (but which Gothic style?)
3.  Ms. E. Earl bought the chairs in the early 1980's in Mountain Brook, AL at an Estate Sale.  She had them in her home for over 20 years and then sold them to a local realtor who gave them to her daughter.  The daughter was leaving Marion last summer to attend graduate school at Emory.  She was pairing down possessions.

This is what we found out but we want to know more.  If they really are from the 1840's, are they foreign pieces or made in the United States?  What kind of wood are they made of?  Matt suspects walnut.  We just want to know anything about them because we think they are beautiful.

A closeup of the carving on the top of the chair.

The chairs are upolstered in embossed leather.  The leather is cracked a little on 2 of the 4 seats.

The carving on the feet of each chair is an acorn...We love these details.

So, after these chairs were in our possession, I knew I had something that I could take to the Antiques Roadshow.  I told Matt I really wanted to go and he told me to find out their Road Schedule and if there was a location that we could easily drive, that we could do it!

Well, Antiques Roadshow announced their 2010 dates and locations about 3 months ago...I signed up for the random drawing of tickets for Biloxi, MS.
I got an email today that said WE WON!!!  2 tickets!!!  And, each ticket holder gets to bring 2 items for appraisal.

I'm absolutely tickled;)
So, we may find out that our chairs are very valuable or we might find out that they are reproduction pieces of you know what;)  Who cares?  I love the chairs, we got a great deal on them and the experience of attending the Roadshow will be soooo fun!

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christy ross said...

How fun!

I love E. Earl's. We picked up a great painting for my mother-in-law last year around Christmas there.

I'm also the old lady that watches Antiques Roadshow.