Wednesday, May 19, 2010

His first fish!

He really is growing up now.
Yesterday, after Daddy arrived home from work, the 3 of us hopping on the golf cart and headed down to "fish camp". 
This is a place on the farm that Matt and Uncle Pep have made into little boy and big boy heaven.
Basically, there is a metal shed, grill, sink, picnic tables, swing set and a fire pit.
Everything that a real man needs!
They did a little dirt work and  made a road.
Fish camp!

This is a pic of the boys following Matt into the pine trees....headed over to fish camp!

Too cute!

Casting on the right side of the luck.

Casting on the point.

Success!!!  He called Rutledge over to reel the bass in!
Of course, Cousin Clayton and Lily joined in because its just more fun that way!

He knew just what to do....look at that little hand just a reelin' it in!

Quite a catch for Bubba's first fish!

He didn't want to kiss it...I don't blame him one little bit:)

Then, Matt had to get one on the line for Cousin Clayton!

Matt tells Clayton to reel that sucker in!

I LURV this pic.  Is it not precious how Rutledge has his hand on Clayton's back???

Look at that whopper!
Great job Clayton!
The competition begins;)

It sure was a tough afternoon on the farm yesterday.....:)

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