Friday, May 14, 2010

A good start to summer....wardrobe and routine.

Its not technically summer, but around these parts, when we "Spring" our clocks forward and the boys can stay outside until almost 8.....our summer begins!

I think the boys have already consumed their weight in these...and its not even Memorial Day yet!
Who doesn't love popsicles?

A note on Bubba's attire.  You will be seeing a lot of his "uniform"....I saw these striped tshirts at Walmart about 3 months ago.  I bought every color they had, orange, green, navy and red.  Price, $2.50 each.  Not bad.  I knew they would look precious with a monogram.  I embroidered each in navy thread except for the navy shirt...that's done in red thread.  These shirts, along with some hand-me-down shorts and crocs, are his summer "at home" uniform.  Because seriously, the boys (big boys and little boys) get really dirty on the farm.  Like, really dirty.  My husband has a white collar job but has blue collar hands....I love this about him;)  When you work hard with your hands, the dirt just doesn't come matter how many times you wash your hands.

So, back to the practicality of Bubba's "uniform"......I want him to look cute and age appropriate at the same time....its tough on a girl in the South!  We want our sweet boys in their shortalls and bubblesuits all the time!!!  But, in reality, I would give myself a heart attack try to get play stains out of his "go to town" clothes.  I pretty much refuse to be THAT ridiculous.  Its just not practical, peeps.  Last summer I sent him out to play in his diaper....and that's it.  I like to keep it simple;)  This summer, because he is now 2, we decided that he needed some actual playclothes for the farm.  And like I mentioned before, I wasn't doing shortalls (even the ones I find for $2 @ consignment sales).  

I found the striped tshirts as well as some plain white tshirts at Walmart.  The brand is Geranimals and its fabulous for embroidery because they are super thick, 100% cotten and hold up extremely well in the wash.  Ironically, the solid tshirts were $3.50 each instead of the $2.50 for the striped ones....I would have figured that the pattern would have cost more.  Anywho, I monogramed 6 white tshirts in various colors and styles for casual "go to town" alternatives to shortalls.  I pair these embroidered white tees with my stockpile of gingham shorts, because what child doesn't look precious in gingham??? 

Another word on my choice of tshirts.  The Geranimals brand is much better than the Circo brand that Target puts out, much better.  One word from the wise, stock up early!  I mean really early.  Once they put out their stock, they don't replenish.  Seriously, they put out long sleeve tshirts and turtlenecks starting in August and September....our weather around here doesn't require any long sleeves until at least the end of November.  They put out short sleeve tshirts starting in February.  Like I said, I buy early and in bulk.    

So, if you see my child wearing the same thing (in different colors), just be aware that its all part of my simplify my his play wardrobe! 

Anyway, I got sidetracked.  Summer is a special time because we spend lots of time outside.  We also spend lots of extra time with Cousin Clayton and Uncle Pep. 
We see lots of this...

and this....
(pic taken at the end of last summer)

And this...
The Bull pushing Cousin Clayton on the tractor. 

See what I'm talking about when I say those boys get dirty?  This was about halfway through the evening.  It got worse, much worse;)  Clayton looks like he doesn't want the pushing services of The Bull;)

The big boys supervising:)
I think this one is my favorite this week...

Sometimes, Uncle Pep has a little tractor maintenance...

My favorite part of summer are the early mornings and late evenings when its not so hot and we can be outside without sweating to death!

My routine on "at home days" during the summer is to take Bubba outside as soon as Daddy leaves for work.  After 10 a.m., in the middle and end of summer, its entirely too hot for Bubba...well, he can handle it, I can't.  Then, when Daddy comes home, he and Bubba, Uncle Pep and Clayton, are outside for about 3 hours.  Sometimes, I join in for a sunset golf cart ride:)

Its a good life and a good start to summer.

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christy ross said...

I am such a fan of Geranimals. If we're outside playing or at the park the kids are in Geranimals or some other outfit that ALREADY has a stain and has been deem 'not-wearable" in public!