Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The fall.

His first big boo-boo.
  It was a big un'.

He fell off the porch at the rent house (yes, we now own a rent house...more on that at a later date!).
The porch is approximately 4 1/2 feet high. 
Currently, at the bottom of the porch is a scrap wood pile....with nails in the scrap wood.
Matt and Uncle Pep are renovating the rent house, hence, the scrap wood pile and nails.

I know these things are going to happen, and boy, am I glad I wasn't there to witness the fall.
But, from what I hear, from Matt and Uncle Pep, Bubba took a lick and kept right on going!

Matt later said that Uncle Pep was amazed.  Rutledge was upset for less than a minute and then got right up and was fine.  To quote Uncle Pep, "The Bull can take it!"  That is one of Uncle Pep's nicknames for Rutledge.  "The Bull" along with "Linebacker".  His favorite phrases for Rutledge are, "he's just so strong!" and "he's just so buff!" and " he's just so cut!". 
In all seriousness, he is pretty tough.
But, that didn't stop him from talking about "the fall" every minute of the weekend.
Seriously, he talked about it all the time.  He said, "I fall, I hurt head,  I cwrying....I sad."
Thank goodness he has moved on....

Here is a pic of the boo-boo.  It was blue and purple at first but that when away quickly and left us with a nasty scratch and a goose egg.

Thus concludes my report of our first major boo-boo.
At least he didn't fall on a nail.

Btw, I know it seems more than dangerous to allow my child to be around these potential "hazzards".....It is dangerous.  But, its also our life.  We live out in the country, my husband has a "shop" with a plethra of tools,  machinery and heavy equipment.  His brother has a "shop" with a plethra of tools, machinery and heavy equipment.  Rutledge, along with Cousin Clayton have been around this stuff, literally, since they were born.

I guess our theory is this....In our opinion, its safer, in our situation, to safely expose Rutledge to all of these things.  Even the tools, machinery and heavy equipment that are potentially dangerous.  This exposure has taught Rutledge to not touch and we feel that it will also teach him to RESPECT the tools, machinery and heavy equipment.  Hopefully, the exposure will eventually teach him responsibilty and the correct way to operate all of these things. 
Because, as we all know, anything can happen. 
Like falling off a 4 1/2 foot porch into a scrap wood pile full of nails. 
Accidents are just going to happen.

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