Monday, May 17, 2010

Elmore Antique Tractor Pull and Show and BBQ Competition, part 1

My sweet husband informed me 2 weeks ago that he had done it again....entered another BBQ competition.  Well, technically, the bank entered the BBQ competition, Matt was in charge of organizing and cooking.  For those of you that don't know, Matt works for First Community Bank of Central Alabama.  The best part....the location of said competition was about 5 minutes from our house.  Easy, Easy!

A lot of preperation goes into these competitions/events.  First, you have to chop the wood for your pit.  Thankfully, we have a pecan orchard on the farm, so, we have an almost endless supply of pecan wood.  For all of you tree huggers out there....we don't cut down live trees.  We only use wood from fallen trees and/or limbs:)
Next, is purchasing the meat, loading and unloading the meat and storing the meat until time to cook.  This requires some muscles and an extra fridge.

The "competition meat" can't be removed from its package until after its inspection AT the competition.  But, we did have some prep work to accomplish.  Matt made a batch of his mustard base BBQ sauce.  No, he won't give out the recipe.  But, its good...really good.
Matt decided that since he was firing up the smoker, it might be a nice thing to purchase some Boston Butts and smoke them for some bank customers and friends.  Just a little way to say Thanks! 
Here is a pic of the stack of Butts!

I became sort of overwhelmed at the sight of them.
He unwrapped all of these and rubbed them down with his top secret rub.  No, he won't give out the recipe.  But, its good.

The little boys played while the big boys ate supper and worked on the meat.

Notice their hats are the same color....Clayton came in wearing his and told me that Rutledge needed to wear that particular hat so that they could match!  Too cute!

Just a talkin'!

The next morning started at 4 a.m. for Matt.  Fortunately, he had taken his pit and tents, etc. down to the competition field the day before the event.  So, he had to get his fire going, get the butts on the pit, get his meat inspected so he could start marinating, and basically just get everything together.  Uncle Pep came to help out for a bit and then Rutledge and I came on the scene about 8:30. 

***Note about the brightness of my pics!  I don't know how to adjust my camera to outside lighting.  It was really bright.  I need to research this;)

This is a pic of the set-up.

If you are wondering what is in front of the pit.....its a 1958 Jeep Truck.  Pretty neat.
The jeep and the pit drew lots of people over to our tailgate.

Its a really cool vintage truck.
The bank bought it a few years ago and it moves around our 2 county area (where all of our branches are) wherever there is a community event happening!  Its definitely eye catching and its a great way to get people talking about our bank!

These community events are really, really important to the people who work for First Community Bank of Central Alabama.  First, its  GREAT exposure and a perfect way to get yourself out in the community meeting new people.  Second, its a wonderful opportunity to visit with your existing customers.  Third, its just fun!  And when people see you having fun, they want to join in!
Our bank family is very important to us and that's why we love participating in these events!
So, if you find yourself caught up in the "Big Bank Rat Race", come on over and give First Community Bank of Central Alabama a try!  There are 6 convienent locations to serve you!

Bubba Lurvs the Jeep Truck.  Lurvs it. 
Its just his size;)
He pushed, pulled and turned everything he could get his hands on in that truck!  Little boy heaven.

Some signage;)
The Bank of all Banks!

After all of the meat was on the pit, we got to sit back and enjoy the morning.
Bubba pushed his stroller around.

Relaxing with Daddy:)

Rutledge got to take a ride on Mr. Tra's horse;)
Tra is a runner....his legs make GREAT horses!
Tra was practicing for his upcoming role as a Grandaddy!
Congrats to Tra and Connie, the happy Grandparents to be!
Congrats to Sarah and Reed too;)

Matt checked the meat a time or two.

A few pics of the almost finished products....
again, sorry about the quality of these pics....I will get better:)
First row of butts....there were 15 on the bottom rack.

Our award winning chicken!!!

The ribs.

A couple of hours after he checked the meat it was time to pull it off and let it rest for a bit and then get it ready to turn in to the judges!

Matt slicing up the ribs!
Love the blue gloves....

Now, he has to choose which ones go in the turn in box.

I didn't get a pic of the turn-in chicken, so, here is a pic of the "culls" as Matt calls them...
He calls them "culls" because they weren't deemed "attractive" enough to turn in to the judges....
I call these "unattractive" pieces of chicken our supper;)

This is a pic of my delicious pound cake that I turned in for the dessert category.
Its my "ace-in-the-hole" dessert.
No, I won't give out the recipe.
You may think I've given you my recipe....I may have given you A recipe for pound cake but I didn't give you MY recipe for pound cake.
Its heaven, in a slice.
I didn't win.
I didn't even place.
I was kind of bummed.
But then Matt reminded me that Crisco wins in Elmore.
Honey, you can rest assured that we do NOT use Crisco in the Rogers Household!
No, mam'!
We are butter peeps, all the way!

Tune back in tomorrow for the conclusion of our Tractor Pull and BBQ Competition Adventure!!!


Susannah said...

First of all, I LOVE that picture of Bubba in the jeep looking over his shoulder all coy like! Frame it! The food looks incredible and I wish my hubby could come and do lots of cooking/smoking/BBQing etc with y'all!

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Susannah, I love that pic too!!! I'm sure we will frame it;) The food was incredible! Y'all are welcome to come to the farm anytime and cook it up! We do have lots of fun:)

Sarah Barry said...

Yum yum! That food looks SO good.

I can't believe all those butts...ha ha.

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Thanks, Sarah! The food was really good....I'm just ready for the leftovers to be gone;) The butts were scary, really scary;)