Sunday, April 11, 2010

The weekend is almost over....

The weekend is almost over and it has been fairly productive.  Saturday morning, Rutledge and I headed north to Birmingham. 
Here is a pic of Rutledge right before we left....he told me he wanted to put his tractor in the car:(  He was SAD when I didn't make that wish come true.  Notice his head is down..he would NOT look at the camera after this incident.

We had 2 objectives, 1. to attend cousin Sarah's baby shower, 2. to pick up Sessy who has Spring Break this week:)  We completed both tasks.  The baby shower was perfectly sweet and although we were not able to stay very long, it was wonderful to see sweet Sarah, John, Jo and Sarah's great, Rutledge and  I love "the belly".  We met AnnMother and Sessy at the Summit and were able to accomplish a little shopping before we hopped in the family truckster and headed south.

Once we arrived at the farm, the 1st order of business was a treat...literally!

Caught you Sessy!

I love how Rutledge opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could for this bite!

Sweet little lamb angel baby!!!  How precious is this pic????

Rutledge is not the best bowl/plate scraper, so when they got to the bottom of the bowl, Sessy scraped it and put the contents on Rutledge's spoon.....SWEET!

When the ice cream was finished, Bubba started hollerin' for bubbles....and Sessy was more than willing to comply:)

He ADORES bubbles.  Shoutout to AnnMother for his birthday Gymboree bubble set!

I love how he has closed  his eyes in anticipation of the bubbles touching his skin.

My perfect boy.

And so, the weekend ends and another week begins.  Tomorrow beings my 2nd week of bootcamp and I think we are headed on a fun outing as well.  We hope everyone had a wonderful spring weekend!

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