Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Festivities!

We crammed a ton of activities into the weekend.  Matt and I started off Friday night by dropping Rutledge off at Uncle Pep, Aunt Elisha & Cousin Clayton's house......his favorite place to be (besides with us!).  They graciously kept Rutledge and even kept him through the night.  The two boys slept in sleeping bags on the big boy bed and were two little peas in a pod!  Here is a cute pic of the best buddies taken Wednesday afternoon!
As you can see from this picture, the Rogers men have VERY dominate genes.....or as my mama says, "Honey, he (Rutledge) just doesn't look like our people."  On to the next activity!

Around noon on Saturday, we headed southeast to Sehoy Plantation where we were graciously hosted at the their annual Easter Egg Hunt.  It was amazing!  First we visited with Uncle Russ and Meme...

Then, we got down to the business at hand!

You should have seen these eggs!  Some of them were clear on the top and contained Matchbox Cars!  Someone was in hog heaven.  Then, I spotted something gold...and forced my child to retrieve it.....

It was a 4 inch tall Lindtt chocolate bunny.  We were leaving with that way or another...and the only legitimate way was for Bubba to physically put it into his basket.  He stared at it for what seemed like forever, like he didn't understand why the rabbit wasn't moving and why it had a red ribbon around its neck.  Eventually, he put the darn thing in his basket!  I think Rutledge's favorite thing was all the suckers, or "guckers", as their known around these parts. 

Of course, we had to get the obligatory family photo!

We had 1 tired Bubba on our hands!  Here he is in the car on the ride home.....we didn't make it 2 miles down the road before he was OUT!  Notice the placement of toys:)

A side note about the weather.  It was gorgeous! Except for the pollen.  My child was covered in yellow....his legs, shoes, bubble suit, etc.  Here is a visual on the extent of the pollen madness....whenever you made a step on the ground, a cloud of pollen would puff up.  Here is a pic of my boots, taken right after we got home.  I have never seen such a thing!

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny was up and at em'!

I can't say the same for Bubba;)

But, then he woke up....

The goods!

Mama & Daddy's basket!

First bite of Easter candy!


And a shoutout to AnnMother (aka "Muver) for Rutledge's precious pajamas!  Aren't they the cutest thing?
Pasture Bedtime!!!

Muver & Rutledge, taken last weekend, the night before his party.

I love the look on his face!

After opening Easter surprises, we loaded up the family truckster and headed west to the great city of Demopolis, AL.  Home of Matt's grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. F.B. Rutledge, Jr., better known as Tutoo & Papa;)  Its always special visiting with Matt's grandparents but even extra special because we named our firstborn after Papa.  So, Frank Rutledge & Rutledge Rogers were able to spend the day together.  It was a treat!  We arrived in time for Rutledge to join the Easter Parade!  At Trinity Episcopal in Demopolis, the children (bearing flags) process into the church on Easter morning.  Matt was in this parade as a child and it was special for Rutledge to be able to participate as well.  Here is a pic of our Bubba as he received his flag.

A note on Rutledge's Easter attire.  He is sporting a French Hand sewn garment, featuring white batiste & ecru lace with sweet little tucks and rouching (sp?).  Its absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  This garment was first worn almost 20 years ago by my brother Russell.  It was his baby gift and was made by a dear friend and I need to send her a pic of Rutledge modeling it;)  Inge, your handiwork has lasted for almost 20 years in the closet and it still looks fabulous!  I'm glad we are reaping the benifits of your handiwork!  I think I put his shorts on backwards....oh, well!  Ok, back to the parade!

After church, I took a picture of my boys in front of Rutledge's great-great grandmother's stained glass window.

And, here is a sweet pic of my boy.

Easter 2010

It was a long, fun filled Easter weekend!  We are grateful for our family, friends and each other.  Alleluia.  Christ is Risen.  The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia. 

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