Monday, April 19, 2010

Picture post

Rutledge is great to photograph when he is on his own.  But trying to get a decent family photo is becoming increasingly hard!  I have found that timing is key.  However, sometimes, you just have to make things happen!  In these circumstances, when its past Bubba's naptime and he is grumpy, I have found that the "tickle" and "whispering" tactics are best!

Here we are:)  I am performing the back rib tickle!

Look at that goofy Bubba!

Then, Bubba tried to tickle me!

So, I had to tell him a secret.

He listened for a little while:)

Then, we tried a family photo.  But, Bubba wouldn't look at the camera.

So, we switched up and Daddy held Bubba and I had to do the "lean in" pose.  It still wasn't workin' for us! We had to change locations.

So, we put Bubba on a tree limb and it seemed to amuse him:)

I don't know what we were all looking at.

This is the best one!  Bubba looks moderately happy and both Mama and Daddy are pleasantly smiling:)

I love this one as well, even though Bubba isn't looking forward.  Its still cute!

Like I said before, taking pics of Rutledge is easy.  Taking family pics is not.  I get really excited when we get a few good ones and I wanted to share!

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