Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Trip to the ZOO!

We have had quite a spell of more than pleasant weather down here in Central Alabama.  This past Monday was no exception and we decided that a trip to the zoo was in order.  Now, I didn't really know what to expect from the Montgomery Zoo...except animals.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a great variety of animals, clean grounds and courteous staff.  The only negative is the smell.  Every zoo I have visited had a smell and this one was no exception, its just how it is!  However, the best part of the zoo is.......

Kiwanis Junction or as Bubba calls it,"Thomas!"  Every train in our life is "Thomas!"
Seriously, it cost $2 for adults and kids 2 and under are free.  The best $2 I have EVER spent.

So, we arrived at the zoo at 10 a.m., and decided that early mornings at the zoo are the best time for young children.  They open at 9 a.m. and we will schedule accordingly next time:)

First stop, monkeys.  Here is a pic of Rutledge observing playful monkeys.

Then, we moved on to flamingos.  Bubba said, "Pinked birds, mama"

Right across from the flamingos was the crocodile, or as Bubba calls them, "Dile".  One of his favorite books is, "Where is Maisy?"  One of the places to look for Maisy is on a boat and under the sail is a "Dile".  Rutledge asked the "Dile" where his boat was and proceeded to pitch a royal fit when he didn't get a response.  It was hilarious! 
Right down the path from the "Dile" was the Reptile House.  Not my favorite.
Its just so dark in there:(  However, those reptiles must be kept cool which translates to lots of factory air and this mama likes factory air:)

Pointing to a "Nake!", transaltion "snake".

Thank you Vanna White! 
Much better showcase of the snake in this one:)

He was so delighted to see the python that he squeeled!
And then kissed the plexi-glass.....that kind of grossed me out a little bit.

After our python kissing session, we headed outdoors and to the train station, otherwise known as "Thomas!"  Sessy and I got settled on a bench and Bubba just walked around looking at things. 
I took a few pics of him while he was talking about "Thomas!"
I had to sneak in a SMOOCH after this one;)

Right before the train arrived we heard a little noise next to the ticket booth.....
Before we knew it, that bird had jumped off that fence and ran away!  Somebody was SAD.
No time to dwell on it because the train arrived!

Sessy snapped this right before we took off.

Here they are waiting to leave.
And off we went! 

I love how serious his is about this train business.

Our train took us into a tunnel.  This absolutely thrilled my child.  He has told every single person he has laid eyes on about riding the train and going in the tunnel. 

After our train ride (best $2 EVER spent), we walked over to the giraffes.  Rutledge was so excited he climbed right up to get a better look.
Cute boy!

The Lion's den was up next.  Rutledge kept telling me that the "Wion" (Lion) was "Sad!"
I guess because they were just lying there not really doing anything exciting.

It was about time to wrap up our visit after seeing those lions.  Our last stop was to see the eagles.  And being good Auburn fans, we couldn't miss this opportunity !

Here is a pic of Rutledge when he noticed what was in the caged area.

We felt it was only appropriate to give our Auburn cheer!  You can tell that his mouth is forming the "War"
War Eagle, Hey!
I think he had fun at the zoo:)


christy ross said...

We LOVE the Montgomery zoo. She LOVES the playground area and last time we were there she had the pleasure of chasing a rooster around the monkey area! "come back rooooo-ter"

Erin Caden Rogers said...

I knew I had forgotten something! I have a pic of that crazy rooster! I also love that you can bring in your own drinks and food and have a little picnic in their pavillion. Lovely.