Friday, April 9, 2010

Its a beautiful morning.

Its a beautiful morning and we headed outside to enjoy our daylight savings routine.  On our "at home" days, I like to take Rutledge outside right after Matt leaves for work because its a great distraction from the reality that Daddy has left the building!!!  I have been thinking about activities that the 2 of us can do together but that give Rutledge a sense of ownership because my boy loves a project/task, just like his Daddy;)  So, I have started filling up a big pot with water, giving Rutledge a cup & turning him loose on my japanese pencil holly, begonias, herbs & his birthday trees. 
Here is Bubba running out to water his 2nd birthday tree, a red maple, courtesy of AnnMother. 

You are lookin' good, red maple!
At first, he watered while standing.

Then, he got down to business!

Look at that face...

Side note: My child is wearing his pajamas.....while playing outside...sometimes, we wear our pajamas all day.  Sometimes, we don't leave our property for a couple of days.....and we love that:)  I guess I wanted to say that each day isn't filled with smocked clothes, a perfect house or a divine supper.  We live life and sometimes life involves playing outside in our pajamas...and an oatmeal face.  Yes, I forgot to wipe my childs face after his breakfast.  All of the pics I'm posting contain oatmeal face!!!  Life isn't picture perfect all of the time but that is what makes it real.  Now, back to our morning!

Next, we headed over to the front of the house and watered Rutledge's 1st birthday tree, a ginko tree, again courtesy of AnnMother. 
I have to give her a shoutout on a great birthday idea....from AnnMother, Opa & Sessy, Rutledge receives a tree and a savings bond (along with other goodies) for his first 5 birthdays.  He will have a whole row of trees just for him!  We love this!

The ginko is just starting to bud and is lookin' good!

Then, we headed over to our potted japanese pencil holly & begonias.
Busy hands:)

It wasn't long before Bubba got sidetracked by the rocks.  In his defense, what little boy doesn't love rocks?  Thankfully, we have lots of rocks because of our driveway:)

Just a workin'
And a diggin'

He decided that he needed to hook his trailer up to his tractor and take off!

But, had a little problem when he got "guck" (stuck).  He worked on whatever is was that caused him to get "guck".

Then, he got an idea!
And took off!
And trotted right back with a prize for his mama:)

Such a sweet & thoughtful boy.  I just wanna smooch him!!!
Even if he has oatmeal on his face.
Life is good.

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