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The Great Escape....part 3. Yay!

Ok, for the final leg of our trip.  When I left off in Tuesday's post, we had crashed at out B&B in Salem on Friday night.  Saturday morning we got up pretty early and drove the 10 minute drive to Marblehead.  This is the view from the harbour.  Just splendid!  All of the colorful sails on the sailboats.  We loved watching how all the boats just "dance" around each other and manage not to run into one another!

Taking all of these pics also made me realize my need for a telephoto lense!!!  If anyone is looking to sell one, let me know!!!  I'm in the market for a used one in excellent condition.  I have a Canon Rebel.

After admiring the fantastic view, we walked to a little restaurant that I had read about in our guide book (Frommers).  It was called The Driftwood.  It was a hole in the wall and it was GREAT!  We had 2 things for breakfast.  1st New England Fried Dough.  We had seen this on several menus and were perplexed by it....of course, we had to have it!  I wish I had taken a pic but we devoured it before I could pull out the camera.....It was a plain yeast dough that had been cut with a biscuit cutter.  So, when it was fried, it puffed up and out on the, it was like a yeast doughnut without the hole in the middle.  It was served with butter, maple syrup and powdered sugar.  Yummy:)  2nd course was Hash with eggs (over-easy, please).  We both ordered it....we could have and should have split one.  It was really, really good.

After that fine breakfast, it was decided that we needed to walk....a lot.  So, we started walking and marveled at all of the great houses.  This was one of my favorites.  I just love a yellow house:)

Pretty soon, we came up on this little cove.

Then, we noticed the plaque.
Pretty neat!

We kept walking and saw this sign.

This is what is left of the fort.
What a great view!
After walking around the fort, Matt looked at me and told me that he thought it was a good location for a fort.  I'm glad he approves;)

Our pic in Marblehead!

After our morning in Marblehead, we headed back to Salem for our city trolley tour.  If you couldn't already tell, we love a trolley tour!  Once again, it was a "hop on and hop off" tour.  The weather was perfectly sunny and crisp and it was a perfect morning and afternoon to spend outdoors.  So, we saw a few of the sights in Salem.  I was pleased with the city tour.  I was not pleased with the Salem Witch Museum.  It had gotten mixed reviews in the guide book but it did say that it was the most visited museum in Salem.  So, I decided to just do it.  It was a huge disappointment!  Next time we are up there we will definitely do the walking history tour provided by the National Parks Service. 

Now, for a few of the sights.
This is the oldest burying ground in Salem.
This is the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.
This is a replica of the ship Friendship.  It serves as an example of the ships that were used during the time of the founding of the city of Salem.

This is the famous grim statue of Roger Conant (alias "The Puritan).  Although its usually thought to represent the grim severity of Puritanism, Roger Conant was actually one of the good guys of early Salem.  He provided an example of courage and perserverance even with all of the difficulties of the young colony. This statue is right next to Salem Common which is a beautiful park in dowtown Salem.

Because it was SOOO bright, you can't really see what I wanted to show in this pic.  But, if you can tell the house is yellow but the chimneys are white.  Apparently, if you had your chimney painted white in the latter part of the 18th century, it meant you were a Tory...aka, supporter of the Crown and not the Revolutionists.  The peeps that had this house back then were Tories and the current owners have kept the chimneys white to give everyone a little history lesson.  How nice.  Anyway, back when the British were invading the colonies during our fight for independence, the Tories had the white chimneys to alert the British soldiers that they were supporters of the Crown....this was to keep the Brits from burning down their houses.  Unfortunately, the Revolutionists caught on to their little game and most of those peeps had their houses looted and burned.

Another neat little thing we noticed.  All of the historic homes in Salem and Marblehead had these little plaques.  We just thought it was so cool that the research had been done to show who the home was originally built for and that persons occupation and the year in which it was built.  Really cool.  The first is the plaque on our B&B.

We had a great time in Salem but Saturday afternoon, it was time to start wrapping up our adventure.  We had to drop off our rental car before our flight home on Sunday morning.  So, we decided to drive back to the airport and return it and get a room at the Hilton that is connected to the airport.  Smart move.  Because we had such an early return flight, it was nice to not have to deal with returning the car Sunday morning and then going through security and making our flight on time.  We dropped off the car, the Enterprise shuttle dropped us off at the Hilton, we checked in and then took the T (subway) back to the city for the afternoon and evening.  Of course, first order of business was a snack. 

We headed straight back for this heavenly item.

After our snack, we decided to walk a little more of the Freedom Trail and we ended up back in the Northend.  The Paul Revere House was our destination.  We had passed by earlier in the week, but this time, we decided to take the tour.

After viewing the Paul Revere abode, we decided to take the Harbor Cruise that was included in the price of our city trolley tour.  It was a 45 minute cruise around Boston Harbor.  A neat and different way to view the city.  It was narrarated and we enjoyed just relaxing and enjoying the water.

This was our view of the city from our boat.

After the cruise we started walking around again and noticed people carrying these boxes around.  Hummm.  Well, of course I googled it.  I discovered that Mike's Pastry, located in the Northend, has quite the cannoli business.  Matt had never had a cannoli, so, of course, we had to get a couple!

We waited about 30 minutes to get these beauties.  The line was all the way down the block!
I decided that traditional was the best choice.  One pistacio, one chocolate chip.

We sat down on a bench and enjoyed our cannoli and the view.  The cherry trees had just started to bloom.
And there were tulips everywhere!

Our next thought was supper.  I pulled out the trusty Frommers.  We knew we wanted to eat in the Northend again and I looked under the "Inexpensive" section in that part of town.  This was the first of 3 suggestions.  The Daily Catch.  We decided to do a "walk by" and check it out.  Before we got to the block it was on we could smell the garlic.  Then, we got to the front of the place and there was already a line of 15 people.  Then, we looked in the restaurant and saw that there were only 6 tables.  6.  Maximum capacity, 24 peeps.  And it was a tight squeeze.  We decided to get in line and wait....and wait.  A little over an hour later we made it in and were sat at a table for 6 with 2 other couples that didn't know each other.  So, there were 3 couples that didn't know each other all sitting together.  NEAT!  Of course, we were put in the middle of the table. 

Here are a couple of pics to give you a visual on how tiny this place is the cook, right behind our table.  We could watch him rolling out pasta, chopping garlic, everything.  It was amazing.
This is a pic of the guy washing dishes, right behind our table.  There were only 3 staffers, cook, dishwasher, waiter.  That's it.

Now, for what we ordered.  The house specialty is calamari.  They do it 3 ways, fried in rings, stuffed with garlic and breadcrumbs and sauteed in white wine and ground up and made into squid meatballs.  We went with the fried....not because we weren't feeling adventurous but because we just really like fried calamari.

Next, came the mussells.  Amazing.  Very simply prepared with butter, wine, garlic and parsley.
The shrimp scampi.

Our cute seat neighbors ordered the same appetizers as us.  But they also ordered 3 entrees.  It was fun to watch them all come out!  First was the black pasta...made with squid ink.  Yummy!  I had squid ink pasta our first night in Boston.
This was the sauteed cod with fresh breadcrumbs.  It looked sooooo good!
They also ordered the swordfish.  I missed getting a pic of that dish.  Oh, well.  It was so funny to watch all of their dishes keep coming out!  The waiter just stacked them all on top of each other.
Speaking of our seatmates....we had the best time chatting with them.  I couldn't not sit that close to someone and not chat a bit;)  Their names are Omar and Zdenka.  Omar is a film maker and Zdenka writes fiction.  Check out her blog,  Its a really fun read!  I wish we had a pic of all of us crammed in that tiny space!!!
So, that great meal concluded our amazing trip to New England.  We saw a lot, did a lot, but not too much.  Matt and I have a great travel pace and really enjoy exploring together.  I am so thankful that we had this time to be together and to remember that WE are important!  Our relationship with God and with each other are the foundation of our marriage and its very important that we take the time to focus on each other and our relationship. 

I'll sign off with one of the prayers that was read by family and friends at our wedding.
"Give them wisdom and devotion in the ordering of their common life, that each  may to be to the other a strength in need, a counselor in perplexity, a comfort in sorrow, and a companion in joy. Amen"
-Book of Common Prayer, according to the use of The Episcopal Church

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Marblehead is where DJ's family is from. His sister lives in the house their mother grew up in. It is a neat place to visit. Glad you guys had a fun time! - Megan