Saturday, April 17, 2010

The end of the LONGEST WEEK.

Boda Getta
Boda Getta
Boda Getta Bah
Rah Rah Rah
Sis Boom Bah
Wegl, Wegl,
Kick em' in the butt Big Blue, HEY!
I'll explain this in a minute;)

I will fill everyone in on the LONGEST WEEK ever at another time.  We have been working all week to prepare for this weekend.  Well, we should have been working all week to prepare for this weekend, but some things came up!  So, we worked really hard Thursday and Friday to make things happen today!  This weekend marked Matt's (and consequently me!!) first KCBS event.  Translation:  Matt was in a BBQ competition and it was a "Kansas City" sanctioned event.  Judges and was the real deal.  It was kind of pain...but it was fun because we had several friends hanging out with us!  

I suppose I should take you back a few months....well, 6 months, to be exact.  My husband, if you know him, is very project oriented....that's kind of a nice way of saying that if an idea pops into his head, WATCH OUT!  He goes through a process with his ideas that turn into projects.  First he mulls over his idea and makes unassuming comments to me about his idea for a few months.  Then, he starts talking about materials that he has been able to acquire....ALWAYS for free or next to free.  I must give him credit, he is very resourceful in this regard;)  So, he begins collecting his materials.  This process can take several months.  In the meantime, every couple of weeks he will remind me of his idea and that he found another piece of "scrap" something or other, or maybe a customer gave him some kind of random thing that might be useful.  I never know where these things are going to come from.  While he is collecting his materials, the research process begins.  Then, he wants to talk to me ALL THE TIME about what he is learning.  He uses the words, "its just incredible!" very often.  Bless him.  I love him.  I love to research too, just different things:)  I think its just so cute how his face and eyes light up like a little boy when he finds something or learns a new technique. 

Anywho, my dear husband loves to cook, especially out of doors.  He also loves BBQ.  Wherever we go in the South, we taste the local BBQ.  Its fun because every little town has its own method and sauce and everything.  My best friend forever and Rutledge's Godmother, Marianne Leigh, her brother Anthony Leigh (shoutout to Tony!), has tasted BBQ is all of Alabama's 67 counties.  Matt was highly impressed when he learned this tidbit of information.  Anthony's personal favorite is Twix n' Tween, located in Centreville, AL.  We stopped there once because Anthony had told Matt that it was his favorite.  It was a treat!  I digress.....just a little example of how BBQ is different all over, even in our own state.  

Back to Matt's love of the Q.  A passion kind of turned into an obsession last spring and the acquiring of materials began when he found an ole' propane tank on the farm.  That tank turned into this.....
He designed, built, welded and I don't even know what else to this darn thing....its pretty neat!  From this side, you can see, from the left, 2 burners (he made a place for small propane tanks) for fish frys, the small tank is the fire box, the large tank is where the food goes.  On the opposite side of the burners is a place to hold the wood.
Another view.

Ok, so Matt started this project in November and it was finished by the last weekend in January.  He had his first cook at MAC Hunting Club in Dallas County.  It was a huge hit!  Since that cook, Matt has fired up the smoker twice.  2 months ago, he found out about this....  He entered.  He called his cousin, John Macon,  John, who also loves to cook (indoors and out), agreed to come on board and so they partnered up and off we went!  Hence, the Boda Getta Cheer I used to open this post!

Rutledge and I headed over Friday afternoon and our first stop was the Gowan's.  Our good friends, Matt, Melissa, Reese & Truitt Gowan, graciously hosted us last night.  I got our room set up, changed clothes and left Bubba with the Gowan's sitter (who was fabulous).  We all (neighbors included) headed over to the Ag Field where Matt and John were set up with tents and the smoker.  It was a fun evening, filled with a live band, food and drinks! 
Today began very early for Matt....4 a.m. early.  He, Matt Gowan, Gerald Mange & John headed over to our spot and got the fire going and then the meat put on the smoker.  Then, it was sit around and wait time.  Coffee was drank, breakfast was eaten. 
Bubba's were Bubba's.
He looks like he's missing a hand;)
I don't know how I didn't get a pic of our setup...but, I didn't.  Here is a pic of the peeps right across from us.  Just so you can get a visual of how everyone was setup.
I must say, our pit was the best in our division, the Tailgater Division.  There were tons of people just walking up to Matt and wanting to know about his smoker (pit).  We were very flattered by the attention.

Rutledge spend all morning playing and just having a blast in general.  At some point mid morning, I looked away from him for just a few seconds and before I knew it, he was under one of the prep tables looking in a bag and he found this...
Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creme Pies.  Well, he had never seen such a luscious treat before.  I just can't keep things like that in my house for obvious reasons.....I will eat every bit of it.  So, he was just standing there looking at the box.  Then, he opened it and grabbed a fistful of pies.  The box was brought by cousin John.  John looked at me with a tinge of sorrow for my poor child who had not yet been exposed to a Little Debbie Snack Cake experience.  I caved.  I opened one for him, me, and Gerald.  He tore that thing in half and started munching.  Here is a pic of the moment.

Love it.

After the sheer joy of the snack cake experience, the prep work for turn-in began.  One of the rules of meat turn-in, is that your white, styro box must be lined with green leaf lettuce.  John decided that I was in charge of presentation.  Of course I was up to the challenge!  We used some lovely green leaf lettuce as well as some parsley for a little pizazz!
The finished product...without the meat.
Here is a pic of Matt opening up the Pit.
All of the meat.
John reaching in to pull out some chicken for judging.
John arranging chicken.
There had to be 6 pieces in your turn-in box.  It was difficult to figure out the best way to arrange the chicken.  But, we made it work!  That is some gorgeous chicken....if smoked chicken can be gorgeous!
The cousins right before turn-in!
Pic of Matt walking in to the turn-in table.
Next up, ribs turn-in.  I don't know how many slabs they smoked, but they cut a few out of each slab and decided which were the best for the box...this took some time.  There was lots of taste-testing going on.
Then, Matt arranged the ribs in the turn-in box.
Ready for judging!
Off he goes, again!
I noticed Bubba just a workin'
I don't have any idea what he was workin' on but it kept him busy for quite a while:)
After turn-in, it was time for everyone to eat!!!
This was my favorite side....Matt's grandmother's marinated slaw.  Its insanely good.  I'll share the recipe later.
The obligatory baked beans.  They weren't that good.  I didn't use my normal brand.
Smoked chicken thighs
Smoked ribs, loin ribs and baby backs.
Another weekend of Rogers' Family FUN!!!


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