Tuesday, April 20, 2010


WARNING, this is another long post.  So, about that busy week last week.  Do you ever feel like you have so much going on around you that all you can manage is to keep your head above water?  That was me last week.  None of the things that happened were planned, except for Sessy coming to visit and the Q competition in Auburn.   The things that were thrown into the mix were a mobile home and a will.  Yes, you read that right.  A mobile home.  Single wide to be exact. 

Matt, his brother, dad and uncle hunt together.  They have always hunted together.  They will always hunt together.  Now that the brothers have these......
Things have changed in their hunting world.  Those daddies just can't stand to be away from those buddies (and hopefully their mama's) for very long!  So, in order to make the great outdoors a little more comfortable for themselves and their respective families and guests, the men of the family have made a purchase.  And I never thought I would be proud of it, but, honest to goodness, I AM!!!
Here she is being brought into the hunting camp.
Notice the lovely spanish moss framing the road:)

I should probably take you all back to the beginning of this hunting journey.  Matt, his brother, dad and uncle, hunted together, in the same club in Dallas County, since the mid-80's.  The name of the club was, Eddie Place.  Here is a visual of the camp...brace yourself. 

I always resisted overnight stays at this abode.  The one time I stayed there was because of a logistical holiday travel issue and I was 6 months pregnant.  It was really fun listening to the squirrels as they chewed their way into the living room.  I must say that the bunk house that Matt built, in the back of the house, was snug as a bug!
An example of the atmosphere at Eddie Place, relaxed and casual.  VERY MANLY.
Meals usually consisted of the same things, smoked sausage, steak, potatoes, bread, wine.  Consider yourself lucky if you were served a bag iceberg salad. 

So, after many years of hunting, fun and fellowship with family and friends, it was really hard to leave Eddie Place, but it was time.  After all, it wasn't just a place, it was the people!

Now, Matt's dad and uncle have joined another club.  This past season was their first year of membership.  They are still in Dallas County, not far from Eddie Place, and they are with some great friends.  Because the club leases the land on which they hunt, there isn't any provided lodging.  Hence, all of the members have brought in mobile homes.  Luckily, Matt and his dad both own campers.  Oh yes, my public.  I go camping....with my own potty.  I love the great outdoors....as long as its not too hot, or cold, or filled with pollen, or bugs, or rabid animals.  We bought this little beauty very used but in perfect condition.  Our original intent was to use it as a tailgating machine!  But, then we started going camping.  Matt loves tent camping, me not so much.  This is a good compromise. 
Here she is, the Mallard, in Auburn during football season.
Notice we have 2 doors.  The one on the far left opens up to the Master Suite;)  The door on the right opens into the living/dining/kitchen.  The full size bathroom is in the middle.  Everyone that tours our camper is pleasantly surprised with that bathroom!  My good friend Leigha Cauthen helped me pick this beauty out in the Fall of 2007.  That experience gave her camper fever that has not died!  Anyway, the Mallard came in quite handy last season when the men folk didn't have an official residence. 

So, the last couple of months, the men have been looking high and low for a good deal on a great mobile home.  They found one about 10 days ago and jumped on it.  Then, they had to have it moved.  And Matt had to be there to help with that process.  So, not having him here for a day and a half threw some kinks into our week, but we made it work!  Its all for the greater good, and a squirrel free environment.

To make things even more insane, Matt and I are leaving on a jet plane tomorrow.  I am sooooooo excited!!!  However, this is the first time that we have gone away since Rutledge was born.  Now, I went on a trip to Seattle last summer without Matt and Rutledge and Matt has gone on weekend trips without Rutledge and me but this is the first time we have gone together without Rutledge.  He is with AnnMother, Opa and Sessy and is in fabulous hands, so, I'm not worried in that regard.  But, a couple of weeks ago, we realized that we hadn't made any plans in the event that something happened to both of us.  Talk about TRAUMATIC for this mama!  I have been as basket case for 2 weeks.  It was a very methodical process.  Which I like, except in this case.  The hardest part of all was putting aside our emotions and selfish desires and actually making decisions for the welfare of our child in the event that something happened to both of us.  I just couldn't esacpe the sadness last week, I cried about 3 times a day.  I just couldn't grasp not being on this earth to raise my sweet boy.  I think I had such a hard time because we did this right before our trip.  Anyway, I'm feeling much better this week and am very ready for our trip!  I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you parents out there to make detailed arrangements/provisions for your children in the event of your passing.  Its best to do this with an attorney so that you have a document that doesn't have any loopholes so that you can be sure that your wishes will be met.  

So, Matt and I are flying into Boston this morning and will be spending a few days there before renting a car and driving up the coast to Maine and back down again to do some historical things outside of Boston.  Matt and I like to joke that when we go on vacation, its like we are going to school.  Don't get me wrong, we love to go to the beach and stuff like that, but our ideal vacation is one spent LEARNING and EXPLORING!!!  Its what life is made of!  We can't wait for the day when we can load up with our child(children) and go see the world!  Hope everyone has a fantastic week!         


Claudia said...

So now I know who to blame for Leigha's camper obsession...

Anonymous said...

The mallard will always be a part of me!!

Erin Caden Rogers said...

I still can't believe that you both posted on this blog....in the SAME post! I'm wearin' you Cauthen's down!! 1 post at a time!!