Friday, April 2, 2010

A big day for Bubba...and his Mama

This is a pic of Rutledge right before we left the house this morning.
Cheese!  What a winning smile!!!

On the ride to town, we talked about sitting still and scissors. 
This is a pic of Rutledge after we arrived at our destination....the hair salon.

Wait!  Before you panic!  No curls were destroyed during the making of this photo session;)  But, I had to face it, the Bubba was looking a little like Bozo the clown....a very precious clown, but still a clown.  We needed to tame that look down a tad!  And, now we are lookin' better than ever:)
I ended up having to hold him in my lap.  Here is a pic of the two of us, with the stylist....I'm giving her the 411 on how I wanted the whole situation to go down.

Here we are right before she started snipping away!  Oh, and I had to give you a good visual of that smock I was sporting.....can we say LA Ink?  The smock made the whole situation very surreal.....All of a sudden, I looked down and thought to myself, I'm wearing a poly-satin smock with a heart, wings and flames all over the place....what in the world???

And then, we got down to business.  It made me a little nervous, as you can see by my facial expression;)

Rutledge was pretty good during the trim, when he started getting the wiggles, Daddy gave him another sucker!

I think he started to get worried about losing his fro'......

Our evidence of a trim. 

Here we are post-trim with Daddy

And with Mama

Praise the LORD, my child is so perfectly photogenic!
We have a big weekend ahead of us.  Tonight, Matt and I have a surprise band party 30th birthday to attend, tomorrow we are headed to Sehoy Plantation for an HUGE Egg Hunt and Sunday we are going to Demopolis to spend the day with Matt's grandparents, Tutoo & Papa.  We hope everyone has a terrific Easter Weekend!!!


christy ross said...

I'm not going to lie, I gasped until I realized the salon trip was just for a trim!

Erin Caden Rogers said...