Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2nd year stats

So, this afternoon we had the pleasure of visiting our wonderful LOCAL pediatrician, Dr. Jim Carlile (located in Wetumpka, AL).  For those of you who do not happen to live in the big city of Montgomery (and its Metro area), I must tell you that there is some drama attached to anything related to choosing a healthcare provider as well as choosing a school for your child if you live in the River Region.  I for one choose to NOT feed into the drama.  Matt and I strive to keep everything in our life "local."  This philosophy includes NOT driving to Montgomery for our pediatric needs.  We feel that we can receive equal if not better (in some instances) treatment on a local basis.  However, we do have an extremely healthy child and if we were to need the care of a specialist (and some children do need that care) we would go farther.  I would like to take this opportunity to promote LOCAL healthcare providers!!!  I digress.  Back to our visit.  Of course, Rutledge is brilliant.  If you know him, you know this:)  All boasting aside, Dr. Carlile praised his development and said that we are definitely on the right track!  Good to know because I get worried sometimes that he's bored. 
"What you talkin' bout Willis?"
Yes, this is a look I receive several times a day.....coincidentally, I receive the same look from this baby's daddy....if you lived with me, you would begin to understand why they give me this look;)

Ok, now for the boring stuff.  Rutledge was measured 2 ways this afternoon.  His length was measured as well as his height.  I had no idea but at the age of 2, standing height is measured instead of length.  As an example, Dr. Carlile measured Rutledge while laying down and his length was 35 3/4 inches.  Then, we measured standing height and it was 34 3/4 inches.  Doc said that when standing height is measured, bones, ligaments, cartilidge etc. settle and everything isn't as fluid and "stretchable" while standing.  I know this is irrelevant to all of you but I love to know all of these trivial bits of information.  As for weight, Rutledge weighed in at a whopping 28.4 lbs.  Now, I had to confess to Doc that we had just visited the Chik-fil-a after Gymboree, and Rutledge drank a little most of my lemonade plus a refill.  He was more than likely carrying around several extra ounces because of this wonderful stuff.  And no, it wasn't the Diet Lemonade.  Peeps, we don't do diet anything around these parts!!!

Doc said not to worry, its good for him;)  Its a good thing, cause he LOVES it.
So, all of these numbers mean what exactly?  Well, they mean that our bubba is in the 65th-75th %t in height and 65th-75th % weight.  I don't know what's up with the ranges, like why couldn't he just say 70th %?  Regardless, he is perfect on his growth chart.  We also discovered that we have to give up drinking this....

Somebody is going to be SAD.  And its not bubba.  Daddy, say goodbye to Red Top and say hello to....

2%.  Its not as thick and luscious as Red Top but its a close 2nd.  Our visit ended with a big ol' shot.  Nurse Miranda learned her lesson during our last appt with shots.....she now calls another nurse in to hold his legs while I hold him and she administers the shot.  The shot was given and Rutledge didn't cry at all, just 1 "Rebel Yell" was hollered.  The nurses were great and had distractions on hand, i.e. Elmo stickers and Welches Fruit Snacks.  I'll close this post by wishing you all a Happy Wednesday and asking you to consider patronizing more local physicians, businesses & schools. 

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