Thursday, December 23, 2010

How's it going?

How's it going peeps?
Is everyone in the Christmas spirit?

We sure are around these parts!
We have been counting down the days with Rutledge and he is VERY excited that tomorrow means that there is just 1 more day until Santa!

Just to fill everyone in on my appointment this past Monday morning....everything is great with me and the babe.  I say that with a little bit of reluctance in my heart.
It just seems that everything is too easy this time and I'm scared that something bad is going to happen.
I'm doing my best not to dwell on that and trying to focus on the positive fact that I am healthy and Baby Gaines is healthy!

On another note, we were able to run down to the huntin' camp in Dallas County on Tuesday evening after Matt finished work.  It was nice to get away for a night and a day.  While we were there, Matt was able to get some tractor work done, such as: burying power lines and water lines.  He also built a set of side porch steps on the single wide;)  and hooked up the ice maker in the refridgerator.  It was a good morning to get all of that accomplished.  Wednesday afternoon, he took Rutledge deer hunting for the 1st time ever!  I'll post pics later but it was a sweet time for both of them.  Matt said that Rutledge sat on his knee for over 2 hours and with the exception of a little chattiness;)  he was a mighty good boy!  He was very excited to see 2 baby deer (fawns).

After their afternoon hunting, we headed into Selma to visit with the Reeves Family!  Matt is Godfather to Edgar and Amy's youngest child, Myles.  We had a nice visit, gave out some presents and headed back home!

We hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday week and that you all have a Happy Christmas!!! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its been quite a week!

I feel like one of those ladies "back in the day" that had to get everything canned and put up before winter set in;)
Seriously, I have been working like a madwoman stocking my deep freeze to prepare for the eminant arrival of "Bobby G"....
No, that's not his Christian name.....
Its our pet name for baby boy #2.
We really just like to use it because it ticks off Matt's mama;)
His given name will be.......
Robert Gaines Rogers
to be called Gaines.
His name is for my side of the family this time:)
Here is a 4d pic of our new little man.

Ok, here's the thing....his 4d looks JUST LIKE Rutledge's 4d.
Will I ever have a child that looks like me and not a carbon copy of Matt Rogers?;)
Just kidding.  We make beautiful babes:)

Now, about his name.
Robert is for my mom's Uncle Bob who is very special to all of us and Gaines is from my dad's side of the family...Daddy's middle name is Gaines, his grandmother was a Gaines.  We just love the was really hard to come up with something to compete with Rutledge.
Its quite a name, and he's quite a boy!
The LURV of my life...
Besides his daddy:)

On another note, I have had ALL of my Christmas shopping accomplished for about 2 weeks...AND, its all wrapped:)
I feel kind of like super woman.

The only thing left is the little bit of holiday baking that I do to give to friends.  This year, we are giving cream cheese pound cakes...yum.

So, with all of my Christmas preperations and deep freeze stocking, I've been a BUSY lady.

My 35 week appointment is Monday morning.
Please pray that everything goes well, as that is the appointment with Rutledge that my blood pressure was high, there was a trace of protien in my urine and I was admitted to Baptist East for bedrest for 1 week prior to being induced at 36 weeks to give birth to a very healthy but very jaundice 6 lb 9 oz baby boy!

So, I'm doing my best to keep things simple as we like to do for holidays but its kind of hard when your 2 1/2 year old actually gets Christmas:)

Love to all!
I hope everyone is as busy as bees!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Catching up.....Fun with Daddy!

Part of having fun with Daddy is getting to put on...
Carhartt pants in a size 3.

And getting to wear these...

So that he can look just like Daddy.

He wants to do everything with Daddy and everything like Daddy.
So, when Matt tells Rutledge to "get ready!", that means he needs to get his Carhartts and boots on!

These pics are from a few weeks ago when Matt had to be outside for most of the afternoon.  During Rutledge's nap, he used his chainsaw to cut logs out of several large limbs and load them on a trailer and take them down to the barn.  Then, he came in to get Bubba!

He taught Rutledge how to use a log splitter....

Cute boys!

His real job was to stack the wood after Daddy split it....
See how well he did!

Not perfect, but, a good effort!

After helping to stack firewood, Bubba took a ride on another Uncle Bob prize...

The fun never ends around these parts!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Catching up....Halloween 2010

I am beginning the process of catching up.
Why not start with All Hallows Eve?

We had a couple of events to attend.
The 1st being a community wide indoor trick or treat held at the Wetumpka Civic Center.
It was a great event for kids because it was well lit, safe and best of all it supported our local food bank.

Matt's bank was a sponsor of the event and had a booth.  I think there were around 100 booths all sponsored by local businesses and churches.  We did one loop of the Civic Center and then hightailed it to the back of the room so that we could visit the bank booth.
Here is a pic of the 3 of us!

A couple of days after the Civic Center event, Rutledge and I headed up to the North Country to spend a few days in Sheffield with Muver and the gang!
I sent Matt on to Eddie Place (aka, the huntin' camp), to enjoy the weekend in the company of men folk.
He deserved it;)

The highlight of the weekend was watching Rutledge trick or treat for the 1st time at the houses I had my 1st trick or treating experiences:)

1st stop:  The Box Household
Jimmy and Christine (aka "The Boss Hen") Box
She's the "Boss Hen" because, well, because, she just is.
That's what my mama and my nanny (my mama's best friend) call her, so, we all grew up knowing that Christine was the expert on everything pertaining to: social graces, entertaining, child rearing, health, religion, balanced meals, etc.  Pretty much everything under the sun, including just good advice.

So, here is a pic of Rutledge trick or treating for the very 1st time at the door of Jimmy & Christine!
Our Auburn football player being greated by a former University of Alabama football player;)  Rutledge said, "Trick or Treat, WAR EAGLE, HEY!"  Jimmy even indulged him by returning the "War Eagle" greeting!  It was very sweet.

Here he is greeting Christine.
Rutledge got his pick of the candy, as well as a special treat baked by Christine!
That's the old neighborhood tradition....everyone gets candy, but, we got special bags with our names on them filled with extra special treats:)

Attempting a pic but he wouldn't look in the camera!

 Muver had to jump in and try to take control of the situation.
It didn't work.  He just wanted to look at Jimmy.

Next stop, the Grimmits!
Here is a pic of Rutledge walking up to the front door.
We used to live right in front of the Grimmits and there are still Grimmits living there, just the next generation!
 And here he is getting his hug from Sally Grimmit!
He got an extra special Halloween treat from Sally too;)

After our 2 stops, we be-bopped over to Valerie Wesson's house for supper and indulged in some of her yummy lasagna.  Val is 1/2 Italian and cooks VERY well.

Here is a pic of the 2 of us!
Of course, he's not looking at the camera.

So, that was Halloween 2010!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 day shy of a month....

I haven't posted in ALMOST a month.
Ladies, (and the few gents that read this), I feel like my life has been in a whirlwind.
And, the few moments I've had to myself, I just haven't wanted to blog.

I do feel like I've accomplished quite a bit in the last month.
Like purchase 108 rolls of toilet paper.
Hoard much?

We got Sister married off....HUGE accomplishment!
I don't have any wedding pics yet, but, I do have a family pic of the 3 of us.
Please excuse my prego double chin...I thought I had gotten rid of that thing last spring with all of my physical fitness efforts;)

So, with the hectic weeks that came before the blessed event and the weeks that came after, I've kind of been in hibernation mode.

Y'all, my belly is huge.
I feel huge.
I really am NOT sleeping well.
I get about 4-5 hours a night at this point.
I'm surviving on my 1.5 hour catnap that I take while Rutledge is enjoying his afternoon nap.
I have no trouble falling asleep, its just the bathroom visits every hour on the hour that are making evening sleep a nightmare.  So, around 3 am, I'm up and at em'. 

Consequently, I haven't been in the best of moods lately, hence, the lack of blogging, etc.

I know its part of pregnancy, but, its kind of hard to motivate while having a very active 2.5 year old child of the male variety.....
Look at that sweet Bubba of mine.
I didn't know this was possible, but, he becomes more precious EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I think that Rutledge is swiftly become more and more aware of the changes that are about to happen in our household.  He will sometimes indulge in a little "'baby talk" to get our attention.  He is also making a point to tell me, "Mama, I'm your 1st baby!"  We are indulging him as well with extra hugs and assurement that he is our 1st baby.  But, the reality is that his whole world is about to change.  We have been reading books about becoming a big brother as well as talking about what big boys get to do and what babies can't do because they are so little.  I hope all of this helps!

    I'm hoping to spend the rest of Rutledge's nap time catching up on posting. 
I just cleaned off 2 SD cards this morning, so, maybe I can get some pics and things up!

I hope that everyone is doing well!
Thanks for bearing with me!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Peeps, I've been without internet since October 17th.
Its been interesting.
Lots has happened and I've wanted to blog SEVERAL times but what can you do.
Tech issues will get you every time.

Let's just say that I've gotten real friendly with HP tech support and Tether tech support. 
They are my new BFF's;)

Anywho, I'm back.
Hope to post today.
Sister's wedding is Saturday!!!

Hope I still have followers when I come back:)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Ok, so, I did what I said I wasn't going to do....
I went back to Arkansas.
We had a major reason.

Muver called last Wednesday and said that Uncle Bob had to move to the Wildflower (assisted living facility). His dementia has become more pronounced and he was only eating when supervised.
She was sort of frantic because she didn't know what to do with all of the heavy equipment and stuff.
His farm is smack dab in the middle of town and a prime target for vandalism.
So, my sweet husband came up with a game plan.
Because he is a banker, he gets all of the holidays when the FED Columbus Day;)
So, he took Tuesday as a vacation day so that we would have enough time to travel back to Bama.
We were headed to Sheffield for Sister's engagement party anyway.
Btw, it was fantastic! Tons of fun!
Sunday morning, Muver, Matt, Rutledge and I loaded up in Uncle Bob's "Smooth Ride"

and headed to Arkansas.  Muver has been driving the Smooth Ride back and forth to Arkansas.
Its about a 5 1/2 hour drive from Sheffield.
When we arrived, we took the afternoon to asses the situation and decide what was going to come back with us and what would stay to be sold in an auction.
Monday morning, we picked this up....
a 26 foot Penske.

Matt and 2 movers loaded it down with various tools and farm implements.

Our grand prize was this....
A 6x4 John Deere Gator.

I know what you are thinking. Matt, Erin and Rutledge drove home together in a moving truck.
Nope, sorry to disappoint.
Uncle Bob's 2nd vehicle is a Chevrolet Avalanche.
Not the most attractive it a truck? is it an SUV?
What can I say, Uncle Bob likes to keep people guessing.  And, he likes to keep it flashy.
Anywho, I drove the Avalanche home.

I also pulled this
with this on it.
The perfect size for Bubba to learn how to drive a tractor!
I kind of felt like superwoman.
I also had this little guy in the backseat.
He was an ANGEL.
He wanted to chat for the first 4 hrs.
It kind of made my head hurt.
Then, it was dvd time.
That occupied him for a solid 2 hrs.
Then, lunch.
Then, he took a SPLENDID 4 hour nap.
Then, we only had an hour to go before we were HOME!
That's right folks, Matt drove the Penske and I drove a truck pulling a tractor on a trailer for 11 HOURS.

We did stop every 2.5 hrs for potty breaks and stretching.
That made it bearable.
Still, it was kind of rough on the 26 week pregnant gal.

Wednesday afternoon, we drove the Penske to Sister and Cambo's house because they have tons of storage in their barns.  They graciously offered to keep Bubba for a couple of days so that we could recouperate.
It was definitely needed.
I had a massage yesterday and have just been relaxing.

Now, I'm thinking of what I'm going to finish before he comes home this afternoon.
Tomorrow, we are headed to Dallas county to the huntin' camp to see Matt.
I'm making a big ole' pot of red beans and rice to take with us.

Its going to be a beautiful weekend, so get on out there and enjoy it!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Keeping with the spirit of Rutledge going everywhere with Daddy....
They have left me for the night.
I think I was a little too giddy;)
Of course I miss them.
But, I needed to recharge my batteries!

Matt told me in the beginning of the week that he wanted to take Rutledge on an overnight excursion to the huntin' camp.
I was more than happy to oblige.
So, I packed my boys with lots of snacks and treats and sent them on their way!
Rutledge has been talking about it ALL week.
He knew it was going to be just him and Daddy, but, after I put him in his carseat, he said," you sit in da front Mama, by Daddy"......I reminded him that I wasn't going with him this time, it was just him and Daddy.
He looked a little confused but perked up quickly.

I waved goodbye to them and have been holding down the fort by myself for a few hours.

Its wonderful.
I kind of forgot how much I love solitude.
You know, some people aren't comfortable with solitude, but, I need it.

So, I'm doing some simple things that I like to do.
I've caught up on some blogs & DVR'd stuff, watched a Netflix I've been saving, and now, I'm planning on reading a good book and heading to bed.

While I am able to do all of these things to recharge, I already can't wait to see them tomorrow afternoon:)
I hope that everyone else has a weekend in which you are able to RECHARGE:)

In the dove field with Daddy!

While Matt and I have enjoyed every stage of Rutledge's life....I think that Rutledge and his Daddy are particularly enjoying the new phase called, "I get to go everywhere with Daddy!"
I must confess, I enjoy it as well;)

Wednesday afternoon, Uncle Pep, Pop & Daddy headed out to one of our cotton fields on the farm to shoot some dove. Bubba was napped until 4:30. I then called Matt to tell him that he was waiting for his Daddy...and Daddy said, "get him dressed and bring him to the field!"
And that's what I did!
Here are some pics from the afternoon!

Warning!  If you are a little squeemish, you may not want to look at a couple of the pics.  Oh, and all animals harvested by our family are eaten by our family or given to those in need.

With Uncle Pep & Daddy!

Retrieving a dove.
Daddy says he's better than a bird dog;)

Rutledge decided to take a bite out of the dove...after prompting from Uncle Pep.  I must confess that I did the same thing as a child....I won't tell you what happened as a result.  Let's just say I've been inspecting someone's diapers for little friends:(

He got a little bloodied.
 Then, they cleaned the birds in the pond.  Daddy showed Rutledge how to pull the feathers off.

Cool pic.

I like this one of Uncle Pep.

Here are my boys waiting on the birds.

It was a good day here on the farm!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cousin Fun!

Cousin Clayton has a new toy.
Rutledge is obsessed with said toy.
Let's just say that not only is it a tractor, but it has a bucket on the front that can be moved.
Its also motorized.

Little boy heaven.
Sharing the seat.

Daddies and cousins hanging out.

I think they all dread the days shortening because that means less time to play outside!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st Day of Preschool!

                        Rutledge started preschool at the Baptist "Church House" about 4 weeks ago.
He is loving it and having a wonderful time!
I was a little hesitant about having him away from me 3 mornings a week, but, it has been great for BOTH of us.  School starts @ 8:30 and ends @ 11:45 and this is the perfect amount of time for mama to accomplish any number of things but that usually include: workout, shower, grocery shop, Dr.'s appointments, hair appointments, etc.

Its nice to have a little time to myself during the week and its great for Rutledge to have a little life outside of our home and outside of me.  I think its going to be great for him to have his own outlet when the new baby arrives.  He someone to direct his activities and little friends that keep him BUSY!

Here are some pics from Rutledge's 1st day of P2!
In front of the front door.

In the driveway by mama's car.

Standing by the welcome sign!
Why he won't look at the camera, I don't know.

Standing by his good friend Janie Bess Caton.
Janie Bess and Rutledge are in Nursery together at our Church.
Her parents are Kevin and Perry Caton and we are all in the same Sunday School class.

I will close with this pic.....
The 1st day is always the hardest.
He got upset the 1st 3 times I dropped him off but after that it was smooth sailing!
He literally runs into his classroom and into his teachers arms.
I love it!

Over the weekends he has been known to say, "I want to go to school, mama!"

Monday, September 20, 2010

Its just scary.

So, I've been absent since the 1st of September.
I have officially been in a little funk.
I think I'm coming out of it...

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little overwhelmed at the thought of another baby.
Yes, this was very much a planned pregnancy.
But, I think its safe to say that you really don't know what you are getting into until you are thrown in the middle of something.

So, that said, I'm not just overwhelmed, I'm a little scared.
I find myself dwelling on things like this:
Will I be as good of a mama to baby #2 as I think I am to Rutledge?
Will I have the time to put into baby #2?  I have had nothing but time with Rutledge since he was born and I have relished every single moment.
Will I be able to easily breastfeed new baby as easily as Rutledge?
Bascially, as far as Matt and I are concerned, Rutledge has been a breeze.
I'm also worried about Rutledge.

Will he feel left out?
Will he like the new baby?

I know that these are things that I can't do anything about, at least not now.
But, I find myself hoping that we can manage it all and everyone still be just as happy as we are now.

So, with all of these thoughts running through my head, I've been a little preoccupied and haven't felt up to blogging.  Also, I've been extremely worried about Uncle Bob.  Just knowing that his time is limited is stressful to me.  I worry about my mama and how she must travel to Arkansas every week to take care of him because she is his only family. 
I have other worries and woes, mostly revolving around a personal situation that very few peeps know about.  I prefer to keep the details private but I will say that I am the caretaker of an immediate family member.  I am responsible for every aspect of their life, such as finances, healthcare...ummm, everything.  This person needed help, asked for it and I have given it...but, its still hard to wrap my head around ALL of my responsibilities.  Its also hard to balance this persons needs, my own little fam's needs and MY needs.
I'm learning, but its really hard to attend to everything, mostly because of the emotional toll it takes on me.

So, you have read about all of my belly achin'!
Aren't you exhausted???
I am;)

But, I've spent a lot of time in prayer and I think that I'm learning how to handle it all.

Hope that everyone has had a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are tickled.......

We are thrilled!
We found out yesterday afternoon that we are expecting our 2nd baby boy!
Praise the Lord that everything looked great, healthy baby, healthy mama.

Now, we get to play the name game and make a few changes with our house....
As for the name, it will come from my side of the family this time around.
We have decided that its kind of hard to compete with the name, we are going for a simple name.  Its a good thing because my side is filled with good ol' simple names! 
When we were pregnant with Rutledge, we definitely knew we wanted to find out the gender...but we wanted to keep something secret.  So, we decided to keep his name a secret.
We thought it was fun...some family members did not;)

Anywho, we definitely wanted to know the gender again and we decided to mix things up a bit and tell the name.  However, we aren't going to tell names that we are "considering"....only the final name.  Everyone has an opinion and we just want to let his name be his name and that's it.

As for the changes in our home.
We have a guest room filled with some furniture that belonged to one of my bachelor great-uncles.
Its nothing fine but its great, heavy-duty *free* furniture.  However, the bed is a full-size bed.  I don't know if you have tried to sleep with your spouse in a full-size bed.....its a nightmare.
In walks more *free* furniture!!!
My grandmother gave me a set of twin beds that belonged to my namesake, my great-grandmother.
They too are nothing fine, but, they are very attractive and very serviceable!
Exactly what we need!
And, I think that a couple would be much more comfy on a set of twin beds than crammed in on a full.
I know we are;)

So, I am going to renovating this guest room on a budget!
We need to move furniture, paint, make drapes/bedding and buy decent twin mattresses.
I have plenty of artwork so I'm good on that front.  
I will definitely keep everyone posted on all aspects of my progress......

So, I hope that everyone is having a great week!
We sure are!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes, we are ALIVE;)

I feel like a slacker...I haven't posted since August 9th.
Oh, well, we have had a lot going on and sometimes, that's just how it is....

Rutledge started "school" last week.
I'll do a little post with pics about all that later.
He loves school and its really good for him to have a little life outside of the home and me.

He goes 3 mornings a week from 8:30-12 and its wonderful to have a little time to myself, although I miss him terribly.
Last year he went to Mothers Morning Out, 2 morning every week and it was a good way to get him used to going somewhere before we started his P2 class this year.  Its basically the same as MMO except they have actual "table time" with worksheets and a loose curriculum.  They do adhere to the same schedule each day which is wonderful for my little man child. 

He's had good reports so far with the exception of a little incident on the 1st day of school.....with a tractor.....let's just say that Bubba "hit" a little boy in the eye after the little boy "pushed" Rutledge after some tug-of-war with a tractor.
Not a good start on the first day at the Baptist Church House.
SOOO embaressing.

We went to Arkansas this weekend to visit with Uncle Bob, Muver's uncle, my great-uncle, Bubba's great-great uncle.  Because Uncle Bob is a lifelong bachelor and Muver is an only child, with no cousins on this side of the family, we are all that he has...I think Matt said it best yesterday when he said the we are "his legacy". 

It was definitely a blessing that we were all able to be together this weekend and spend some time with Uncle Bob because he has been diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma.  He is 86 years old and has been given, at best, 9 months to live.  When he found out last week, he only wanted to know if he would make it long enough to see "the baby", i.e., our addition.  Talk about heartbreaking.
So, we are hoping that he will make it to that goal.  Its not looking good though.

The positive is that Rutledge has gotten to know Uncle Bob very well in his short life.  His first visit to Arkansas was when he was 7 weeks old.  Talk about a rough trip!  Its about a 6 hour drive (that's without stopping) from Muvers house in Sheffield.  Muvers house is about 3 hours from our house.  Its quite the road trip.  Anywho, we have been able to get Rutledge up to Arkansas every few months since he was born.
Its been good for both Rutledge and Uncle Bob.   

Because I am expecting the new babe in January, I'm thinking I might be able to make it back to Arkansas 1 more time.  It makes me sad to think that we won't be able to see him more, but, we have to make the best out of the situation.

Muver will be driving up to be with him a few days each week until his time comes.
Talk about exhausting and heart wrenching for Muver.
She doesn't want him to be alone.
He doesn't want to come to Alabama.
He hasn't left the State of Arkansas since he went to war....WW2.
He fought at the Battle of the Bulge.

So, Uncle Bob's grim prognosis has been part of the reason for the lack of posting....We have all been a little down about that...But, I hope to be back on the bandwagon this week.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and that everyone has a great start to their week!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I love when my day comes together and I can multitask and accomplish several things.
For example, laundry is my least favorite activity.
I have found that I'm more likely to complete the entire task, i.e. wash, dry, fold and put away laundry all in the same day, if I have another activity to accomplish as well.
Today, that activity was squash casseroles and spinach rice bake for my deep freeze.

I was able to make 4 squash casseroles and 4 spinach rice bakes.
While completing 4 loads of laundry.
And, its not even 11 a.m.!

We had a pretty good weekend.  Muver and Nanny dropped Sessy off Friday afternoon on her way down to Sehoy to help Sister with wedding plans.  Was I ever glad to see Sessy!
Having a teenager around to help with Bubba makes all the difference on a weekend when Matt had lots to accomplish.
Matt had to head down to Eufaula Saturday morning and attend an Alligator Safety Course.....weird, I know.  But, he was one of the lucky few to draw an Alligator tag for the State of Alabama's limited Alligator Season.  If you drew a tag, you had to travel down to Eufaula and take a Safety Course and learn about the can do and can't do's of LEGAL Alligator Hunting.

Apparently, its illegal to bate alligators with small live dogs while legally hunting alligators in the Great State of Alabama.  Disturbing, I know.
But, it must have been done before, or they wouldn't have mentioned it.....

So, all of that valuable information pretty much burned his Saturday.

Sunday, Matt made his breakfast specialty....French Pancakes (recipe courtesy of the Joy of Cooking) with blueberries.  They were amazing, as usual;)

I spent Sunday morning monogramming baby gifts for a baby shower I had that afternoon.
Then, I had to drag Bubba out for his Nursery School Orientation.....followed by the baby shower.

Needless to say, no nap for Bubba.  This is the child that requires a 3-4 hour nap EVERY afternoon.
He was a champ.
He was put to bed at 6 p.m.

Then, Matt and I watched Mad Men.
If you don't watch, you should watch.

Its an AMC original.
This show has restored our belief that GOOD television can be made!
When I say good, I don't mean wholesome, good to watch with your kids, I mean its a good show for adults.  Picture this....1960's NYC, advertising executives, curvy women....its almost like watching how what we see as our "modern culture" was advertising.
Amazing, simply amazing.
If you subscribe to Netflix, rent the first 2 seasons and start watching.
You will become addicted.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and has an excellent start to their week!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tried and True!

In my quest to come up with a few new meal ideas (specifically f
or my deep freeze), I have taken to trying a few new recipes (from fellow bloggers).
Night before last, I decided to try a Sarah recipe.  Sarah's food blog is Literally, a Spoonful.  The recipe is Stuffed Peppers.  Now, I grew up with Muver's version of Stuffed bell peppers.  The basic recipe is this: 1 lb ground sausage, cooked and drained, add 1 jar of spaghetti sauce and fill wilted bell peppers with mixture.  Top with cheddar cheese and bake until bubbly, serve over rice.  Its good, but, when I saw this recipe of Sarah's, I knew I had to give it a go;)

I love Sarah's food.  Its tasty, simple, nutrient rich and best of all, its economical.  Because let's face it peeps, tightening the grocery belt is important.

I took some pics, but, Sarah's are way better, so head on over to her blog and check out her recipe because its FANTASTIC!

Its Erin and Matt approved!
The only thing is this...bell peppers can be kind of expensive, especially the red, yellow, and orange ones.  I only bought red because they were on sale.  Next time, I will get the regular green because they are much more economical...not as attractive, but more economical.

I followed the recipe with these 3 exceptions:
1.  I didn't have the can of diced tomatoes...but I did have a garden fresh tomato, so, I chopped it and used it and it worked just fine.  I did have the can of Rotel the recipe called for and you definitely need the Rotel.
2.  I did use sharp cheddar cheese but I used the Cabot Extra Sharp All Natural Cheddar Cheese, so, it was white cheddar instead of orange.
3.  I only used 2 peppers instead of 3 because I only wanted leftovers for 2 and because I wanted to freeze the leftover filling and see how it reheated.....I would love to make a couple batches of this filling and freeze for later use;)

So, I linked up the recipe in the beginning of this post....go ahead and print it and put in your recipe file because its that good.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Nesting has begun....

Sort of.
I just want to be prepared.
I should have been a boyscout;)

I was medically induced with Rutledge @ 36 weeks.
I had developed Pre-eclampsia.
Yeah, not exactly what I had pictured for my last month of pregnancy.

But, he was a healthy babe, except for a little jaundice.
6 lbs 9 oz 20 inches long
I'm scared to think how big he would have been full term....
It kind of makes me scared to think of going full term with this babe....

Anywho, I don't want to be caught with an empty deep freeze!
See, the plan was for me to transition out of work @ 35 weeks and then be home for the last month of my pregnancy.  I felt like I could accomplish what I needed to as far as stocking my freezer, my pantry, as well as basic necessities like toilet paper and paper towels.

Needless to say, it didn't happen.
My MIL was great and made about 2 weeks worth of meals and froze them for us, but, we got tired of the same thing.  We also had other meals dropped off by friends and that was great.
But, I just wanted to eat what we normally eat.

So, now, I'm really getting my head in the game.
I have been doing a little research on freezer meals.

 Now, I love my freezer, and my deep freeze for that matter.

My goal is to have 2 months worth of nutrient packed meals in my deep freeze.

Now, Matt is VERY handy in the kitchen and we love cooking together.
But, after working all day, the last thing I want him doing is preparing a meal.
I will want his HELP with the 2 kids.

So, because we love to grill, I will have a protein stock in my freezer that he can marinate and grill.
I will also have healthy side dishes in my freezer to accompany said proteins.
I also want to throw in those 1 pan meals where we can just put together a salad or a side of broccoli and be done with it:)

I am going to use the rest of the summer to test some new recipes and old ones and see how they work out of the freezer.
I'll keep you updated.

Also, if anyone has any great freezer meal/side dish recipes, please share!
I have my old standbys but, for 2 months worth of meals, I need to expand my file;)

Keep in mind, the babe is coming in Winter...we eat tons of soup in the Winter months, I have 3 good soups now, Black Bean, Broccoli Cheese, Vegetable.  I would like to add 2 more soups to the file.
I also make amazing spaghetti sauce, which I always make in bulk because if you are going to the trouble, you should just make enough to last a while.

I'll be checking my fellow blogger friends sites for their favorite recipes and testing them out!
My favorites come from Sarah @ Spoonful.  She actually has another blog just for food!  Check it out here
Sarah is amazing!  Check out her blog if you get a chance!

So, any insight that you peeps have on freezer meals would be greatly appreciated:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sick, again.

Strep throat, again.
We are officially cursed.
However, I'm thinking that maybe we didn't get a very bad strain of it because Bubba only had fever for 2 and a half days.
So, we went to see Dr. Jim yesterday morning and were prescribed another round of antibiotics.
My child has had more antibiotics in the last 4 months than he has had in his life.
But, what can you do?

Strep is Strep and you have to treat it.
The bad thing is, there are MANY strains of strep.
Looks like Bubba is the child that will test exactly how many times you can get strep in 1 year.
This is the 4th time...this year.
Dr. Jim just said to keep doing what I'm doing, like bleaching everything the child uses, sippy cups, sheets, blankets, toothbrush, etc.

Kids are kids, and they touch things, and other kids.
I am convinced, however, that the YMCA is a hotbed for sickness.
Dr. Jim confirmed this....he said crazy workout mamas will bring sick kids just so they can get their fitness on.
Well, no need to worry about that with this mama!
If the babe is sick, stay home!

So, we have been passing the time with our low energy Bubba.
We have spent lots of time watching these...
Muver found these for us in a John Deere dealership in Arkansas.
Bubba loves these dvd' does his Daddy;)

Speaking of Daddy, he has been doing an excellent job entertaining Bubba.
They have broken out the Doodle, aka Magna Doodle, several times.
This is Matt's artwork from last night.
Bubba told Daddy exactly what he wanted him to draw and here it is!

Please excuse the stain on Matt's your husbands sometimes do outside work in their undershirts?  The stains drive me nuts....especially the oil stains from the tractors.

So, I have just been nursing my sick child back to health and attempting to keep things straight around the homestead!

How is your week going?
Hopefully, better than ours;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Cool" Tub Fun!!!

So, this is totally redneck.
But, its hot outside and we really don't care.

Matt was given a hot tub (before I came on the scene) about 10 years ago.
We used it a lot when we were dating.
Over the last 5 years, we haven't used it so much.

Last summer, my super smart husband had the fabulous idea to get the tub cleaned out and use it for the summer, without the heater.  It was fantastic!

This summer, he had an even better idea.
Which I don't have pics of yet...but rest assured, they will turn up on the blog at some point because its entirely too funny.
So, he decided that we needed a practical way to keep the water cool.
Most people would think....just throw some ice in there.

Not so smart.  Ice cubes would melt really quick and have no impact on the temperature of the water.

He said we needed large, solid pieces of ice.
His genius our used gallon milk jugs...fill almost to the top with water (leave room for expansion when freezing).
Freeze in the deep freeze;)
We currently have 3 gallon jugs and 2 half gallon buttermilk jugs:)

We just let them float with us for a while in the water and they cool the water perfectly!

Here is a pic of my boys enjoying the "cool" tub....without the frozen milk jugs;)
Notice the placement of the golfcart...
Matt said it served a dual purpose..
1.  Provided shade
2.  It put his beer cooler within arms reach

Matt is going to kill me for putting up this one, but,
I can't help it I love Bubba's bottom.

I promise we slather him with sunscreen....he came out of the womb this color and hasn't changed one bit.
He has an olive complexion just like Matt.  Although, his bottom is pretty white...

So, this is how we enjoy our hot, sweltering afternoons. 
Maybe you should come out and join us!